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Will smart locks replace traditional mechanical locks in the future? Look at the following statements

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-08
According to statistics, only 3% of domestic users use smart locks, which means that 97% of domestic users are still using traditional mechanical locks, and the smart lock function on the market has reached a saturated state. Will smart locks replace traditional mechanical locks in a few years? Statement 1: Smart locks will definitely replace traditional smart locks in the future. The lock is an indispensable protective tool in people's daily life. It protects personal property and personal privacy, and gives people safety and beauty. Traditional mechanical locks will not meet the needs of users in the current market. In the next few years, smart locks will replace mechanical locks. And now the house price is so high, a one million house, you can use a mechanical lock to solve it? In the future, smart locks will surely replace traditional smart locks. Statement 2: Traditional user thinking is difficult to change, and smart locks cannot replace traditional mechanical locks in the future. In fact, a large part of society is in the lower class. Many people do not work locally. They choose to rent out their houses. A smart lock will cost them one month’s salary. For support, I will not buy such expensive locks at all, but will still choose traditional mechanical locks. Although it is a well-off society now, many people are still sad to live in a well-off society. Statement 3: Smart locks may change in the future, but they may not change. Buddha buyers, this group of people account for a small portion of them, they can buy or not, and they have the financial ability to buy them only in one thought. ...............Fuyu Smart Lock 38 years of dedicated production A lock is only for more families to live a happy life. This article was originally edited by Fuyu Smart Lock. Please indicate the source. Infringement must be investigated!
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