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Will the intelligent and rapid door lock return to machinery?

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-15
If you go into a hotel or rent a new apartment, you will find that the locks used in these rooms are different from the mechanical locks commonly used in families. IC/RF electronic locks are commonly used in hotel rooms, while a large proportion of new apartments for rent or personal use are equipped with fingerprint password smart locks. Since Apple first tested the water fingerprint identification unlocking mobile phone on the iPhone5s, the convenient operation experience brought by fingerprint unlocking has been favored by countless users. Although the security was questioned at that time, with the improvement of technology and the upgrading of products, the fingerprint payment function has been opened in the popularity of smart phones, especially in mobile payment platforms such as Alipay and WeChat, which involve money, it can be seen that the security of fingerprint unlocking has been verified and has become a reliable and secure way of confidentiality, which has been widely recognized. Compared with smart locks, there is also a lot of attention to entering smart speakers. From smart phones to Hong Kong and Macao traffic identification to security doors, fingerprint identification has not only been widely used in relevant departments in recent years, it has also been applied to household anti-theft locks, partly due to the intelligent driving of life, but more importantly, the improvement of fingerprint identification technology. Compared with mechanical locks used in the past, security has been greatly improved. Is the safety of mechanical locks so bad? Related News reports: Even tin foil can be unlocked. Whether it is a movie plot or a TV warning, we can see that thieves only need small iron bars to unlock the lock, and the speed is extremely fast. There are specializations in the industry. For technicians who specialize in unlocking, it is so simple to open a Class A and B mechanical locks. What is more embarrassing is that most families in our country are using these two types of mechanical locks. Mechanical lock: As the name implies, its interior does not contain electronic devices. It relies on the dial, gear and marble structures in the lock cylinder to work together. Its structure is both simple and complex. Due to the different complexity of the internal structure, mechanical locks are also divided into multiple grades: A, B, and B (Or C level, because there is no national standard and the name is different), Even to higher S-level, SS-level (S-level or above is mostly used for safes). Is your home Class A or Class B lock? The A- level anti-theft lock key mainly has a word key (Unilateral toothed) And the Cross Key, the internal structure of the-class lock cylinder is very simple, limited to the change of the marbles, the marbles are small and shallow, and the anti-technical opening time is within 1 minute. The B- level anti-theft lock key is mainly a single row plus curve ( The key surface has more curved and irregular lines) The lock cylinder structure is more complicated than Class A, and of course it is safer, but the anti-technical opening time is only 5 minutes. What are the advantages and disadvantages of smart locks such as fingerprint passwords? The reason why class A and Class B mechanical locks are used so much in the family is that most of the reasons are that such mechanical locks are cheap except that hardware stores can buy them everywhere. Can you think carefully, is your family property not N times higher than the lock? Compared with the traditional mechanical lock, the intelligent lock is made by using electronic technology, integrated circuit design, a large number of electronic components and combining various innovative identification technologies. It can rely on fingerprint, face, iris and other identification, virtual password open ( Enter a long string of numbers in which the specified position has a password sequence to be identified) When it is hit by violence, it will also give an alarm and the security will be greatly increased. Of course, smart locks such as fingerprint passwords also have problems, that is, work needs electricity. If the internal battery or connected house power is cut off, the smart lock may not be able to open and close. Considering the possible problems, some smart locks will be added with a low-power reminder function, and the state stipulates that civil smart locks should be equipped with emergency mechanical keys ( Public safety industry standards of the People's Republic of China (GA701-2007)'). The smart lock goes back to the mechanical lock? Emergency mechanical key? Does that mean that the inside of the smart lock or the mechanical lock cylinder is used? Yes! From the current market in the sale of civilian smart locks, smart locks built-in mechanical lock core is basically will not change, but this does not mean that smart locks are equivalent to ordinary mechanical locks. As we said earlier, mechanical locks are also graded. Qualified smart locks will use locks with a level B or higher security level, and because fingerprints and passwords are used everyday, therefore, when the emergency keyhole is triggered, the smart lock will also send a corresponding notification to the mobile phone, so the smart lock brings not only convenience, but also far higher than the mechanical lock of the same lock core level from a safety point of view. Fingerprint password smart lock is not necessary for families, but it is an inevitable product under the trend of intelligent life. Its appearance will also make our life more convenient and safe. At present, the smart lock market is mixed with good and evil people. Among them, there are not only unsafe and low-priced products with low recognition rate of low-level lock cylinders, but also high-quality products with high-priced positioning due to new technologies and follow-up services. With the improvement of the quality of life and the rapid spread of intelligence, relevant departments have to work harder to keep up with the speed of updating the standard standards, and we also believe that as more and more brands join the competition, there will also be smart lock products with appropriate prices and reliable quality. At the end of the article, remind the small partners who use mechanical locks to see if their houses use grade A or grade B locks. If it is still a class a lock, and there is no security around the living area, the environment is not so safe, or the lock will be upgraded to a lower level.
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