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Will the potential safety hazard of the 2018 smart door lock brand break out early?

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-12
Although the number of smart lock brands participating in the vigorous annual Yongkang exhibition has greatly set a new record, people watching the exhibition and smart lock operators are not happy at all. Disorderly plagiarism, crazy labeling, serious homogeneity, pursuit of low prices and neglect of safety have disappointed everyone with the development direction of the market. Everyone knows: the smart lock industry is sick early! And the illness is worrying. Yongkang exhibition makes everyone feel the precursor of the security crisis of smart locks! Smart locks have serious security risks, which will destroy the future of the entire smart lock industry in advance. Smart locks are locks, and the safety performance of locks is fundamental. The structure of the intelligent lock consists of three parts: mechanical and physical structure part, panel, lock body and lock cylinder; Chip, circuit board and software part; Communication System, cloud server and APP. Due to the development of the market, there are many security risks in traditional smart locks. In the intelligent era, with the addition of Internet technology, the security risks of smart locks will increase. Hidden dangers come from several aspects: the panel structure of the traditional intelligent lock, the structure of the mechanical lock cylinder, the precision of the mechanical lock cylinder, the design loopholes of the software, the data transmission method and the encryption and decryption technology of the data transmission process, the design method of the password, the induction card the encryption method. It can be said that the more ways to unlock, the higher the investment in encryption and decryption technology will be. And the greater the difficulty. The problem is that the investment in security research and development of smart locks in the market has been ignored. It is easier to open a smart lock than a mechanical anti-theft lock. A screwdriver can pry open the intelligent lock in a few seconds, an electric drill can drill open the intelligent lock cylinder in a few seconds, a plastic sheet can squeeze open the intelligent lock switch, a data reader can crack the intelligent lock, a high-frequency transmitter can open the intelligent lock in a second, and hackers can remotely read smart lock data. . . . . . Without the input of strong encryption technology, the security of intelligent locks is useless. If a smart door lock brand can't even guarantee it, it is equivalent to declaring the brand's failure! Why is the whole industry ignoring the seriousness of safety and losing its voice to safety? There is a very interesting question. The security problem of smart locks is very serious. Why is the whole industry indifferent? Are you all in a collective voice? Smart Lock brand enterprises can be divided into three categories: Hotel lock Evolution Enterprises, OEM smart lock enterprises and anti-theft lock evolution enterprises. From the perspective of these three types of enterprises, each type has its advantages and disadvantages, and its technical experience is not complete enough. Of course, it also lacks understanding of the essence of products. In addition to the high cost of security, almost all brands keep their own brand security shut up. The hotel brand's natural contempt for security is taken for granted. The lack of awareness of the security of the Internet by anti-theft brands is one of the reasons why the security of smart locks has not attracted enough attention. However, some big brands borrow capital to enter the market of smart locks, which is inherently lacking in the ability to develop technology. If they invest capital in innovation and development to solve the technical problems of the industry, there is better room for the development of this industry. However, what these OEM enterprises can do at present is to kill chickens and take eggs and reap the technical dividends of this industry too early. For OEM brands in the technical blind zone, the security issue has long been ignored, and it is their goal to maximize the benefits in the shortest time. Low price is the culprit of security risks? The low-level competition in the market sacrifices the most valuable of customers. An anti-drilling C- class anti-theft European standard lock core can not be lower than 130- 200 yuan, the ex-factory price of an anti-theft electronic lock will not be lower than 80- 150 yuan, a secure fingerprint module will not be less than 80-RMB 150. Low-cost competition sacrifices the quality that money can't buy! Money can't buy security! There is no future in a market that sacrifices quality and safety. Imported Brands and OEM brands are the hardest hit areas of security risks. Consumers lack understanding of the safety and reliability of the brand, especially some high-end customers. It is believed that the imported brands and big brands have better quality and safety performance. When deciding to buy smart locks, first choose imported brands. In fact, this is not a rational choice. If you follow the following methods to understand that there may be new choices: 1. If the anti-theft lock cylinder is installed at the bottom of the front panel, it is best not to buy it. It should be easy to open this lock cylinder with the panel. The lock cylinder only plays an emergency unlocking without electricity, and there is no little safety protection. An imported brand and a brand that imitates this brand are all of this structure. 2. The lock cylinder is not fixed on the lock body, but it is best not to buy it on the front panel. Because the panel is opened, the lock can be opened. The smart lock of the imported brand and the imitation of his brand are all the results. 3. The anti-theft lock cylinder is of class C and Class B, but it is better not to buy intelligent locks without built-in anti-drilling bolts, anti-drilling beads and anti-drilling blades. The ordinary electric drill is drilled in a few seconds. The 98% smart locks use a lock cylinder that does not prevent drilling. Imported smart lock cylinders have lower standards. 4, the charging hole and the data interface universal smart lock can not be bought, the lock data will be used by others to unlock at any time. 5, smart lock data transmission mobile phone directly to the smart lock is best not to buy, easy to be hacked. 6, WI- FI, the smart lock that is not closed for 24 hours is best not to buy, and it is easy to be hacked. 7. Smart locks with retail prices lower than 1000 yuan are best not to buy. Because the manufacturer can save what you need most. Anti-drilling function C- class anti-theft lock core multicolored lock
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