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Wisdom is not one size fits all 'disease', speed up the construction of the leasing | service platform

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-08
Around at the moment, in order to better control the outbreak, parts of communities, community closed-end management, epidemic prevention: all the residents are not allowed to enter this area. North to guangzhou, and other big cities have started to return to work now return to the employment of the city tenants into the village become a difficult problem, many other provinces and cities began to have 'family cannot return' problems. More district Beijing personnel are prohibited, although of semi-closed village allowed to enter, but need the landlord and the tenant to provide house property card, and other proof, of great damage to the tenant shall have the rights and interests. For communities allow tenants to enter at the same time, the tenant isolation during that occupy the home, community how to safeguard the tenant normal life? How effective, accurate, real-time statistics tenant information? How accurate fast tenants and epidemic prevention work? This is test for community and the corresponding area. Released previously, aiming at the existence of the rental housing market false housing information, malicious to deduct the deposit of rental, illegal use of housing loans, the problem such as forced expulsion of the lessee, the department of housing and urban-rural development, market supervision, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Public Security bureau, silver, national network letter 6 departments issued by the circ on the and standardize order in the rental housing market opinion '( Hereinafter referred to as 'opinions') , to standardize the housing rental market main body management behavior, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of all parties, especially the lessee housing lease. Opinion is put forward, to ensure the security of rental housing, houses for rental housing, should conform to the requirements for construction, fire control, etc. Housing leasing companies to modify rent houses or decorate, the use of materials and equipment in accordance with national and local standards. Leasing service platform to build at the same time, the municipality directly under the central government, provincial capitals, cities under separate state planning, and other rental demand of the city shall be completed before the end of 2020 construction housing lease management services platform. Gradually realize the rental housing management service platform and the comprehensive management system, such as docking. The national housing and urban and rural construction work conference also put forward, in 2020 to further cultivation institution, commercial leasing companies, speed up the establishing and perfecting the government dominated the rental housing management services platform. Focus on developing policy rental housing, explore the policy of rental housing standards and operational mechanism. Focus on cultivating and developing rental housing, promote addressing the housing problems of new citizens and other groups. And the intelligent control of the leased premises, housing lease management service platform construction, all need to rely on the standards for guidance, to ensure that the house lease management service platform and to dock with the urban comprehensive governance system, guarantee platform, data connectivity, data privacy will not be leaked, ensure that the tenant related intelligent equipment safe and reliable enough. The current national wisdom the committee was organizing industry enterprises to carry out the rent the apartment ( Including public housing) Intelligent technology ( T / ZSPH - LX201901) Standard working group, the standard rent the apartment, such as public housing rental housing of intelligent development. Rental service platform construction, the promotion of the intelligent level of rental housing, not only can effectively response to epidemic prevention and control of emergent problems, such as can also be for rapid and effective statistics tenant information, combined with smart door lock use can also solve seized the rent difficulties, tenant exit, the tenant to cheat series of problem such as rent, sublet subtenancy, further to ensure the safety of community management and operation and maintenance.
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