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With antibacterial smart locks and so on many blockbuster, make consumers trust the brand

by:FUYU lock     2020-07-30

A 'champion first show platform,' said the guangzhou building expo opened on July 8, as the door industry leader, Fuyu focus household hardware 22 years, strategic focus copper art decorative hardware such as complete sets of antibacterial. Every year, display new products by the industry and consumers. In the intelligent lock industry into the development of the 'thousand lock war' environment, industry leading brand Fuyu increasingly accelerated on product innovation. Ten years journey, Fuyu so it is imperative to speed up scenes and appearance for a smart lock enterprise conference looks very grand. This all reflect the Fuyu the intelligent lock industry, hope to continue to consolidate the determination of the industry leader status. It is understood that in the past ten years, in the development process of Fuyu along the way can be said to be fruitful, since 2015 years of the electric business platform power, multiple commercial project cooperation, terminal landing has more than 200 distribution outlets and more than 200 service outlets of channel layout. But face the intelligent lock the increasingly fierce competition in the industry situation and a new generation of consumers demand for intelligent life scenes, Fuyu speed is imperative. Spurt in recent years, the domestic intelligent lock market development period, the overall sales rose nearly 100% a year, according to the national center for lock industry information, according to the survey data in 2018 domestic sales volume has reached 1300 - smart lock 15 million level, with 1000 yuan price to calculate, turnover has amounted to $ten billion level. At the same time, the domestic market penetration of household intelligent lock only at 5% level, A second-tier cities of permeability is less than 10%) The permeability of 60% 35%, compared with Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea is still promising. According to the prediction that by 2020 sales are expected to exceed 20 million sets of intelligent lock. , Fuyu chairman Lou dong said: 'this year is the second decade in Fuyu development course, the first year of pouring in facing the various enterprises, is pushed to smart door lock circuit, Fuyu will further play to the role of the industry leader, in product innovation, technology optimization, service upgrade, etc set benchmark, promote the development of intelligent lock industry. Efforts to build an intelligent 'release antibacterial smart locks, lock industry worthy of consumers trust the brand that Fuyu released a series of intelligent lock product, is a joint universities, public research and development of science and technology enterprises, such as the results, aims to provide users with safer, better and better with product experience. One big thing: in intelligent lock industry lately Fuyu puts forward the concept of antibacterial locks and standards. Many people may not be sure what will influence, but in recent years Chinese people you concern about the food hygiene can see how big is their potential. For intelligent lock, many just used the material such as metal, plastic, in addition to strong beautiful beautiful appearance, actually in the pursuit of health is not almost. Antibacterial technology USES antibacterial coating technology, for the human body is harmless, but it can effectively resist bacteria on the surface of the door lock. If this technology is applied to intelligent lock, it is equal to say for smart locks added a health standard, the emergence of antimicrobial intelligent lock will inevitably bring certain impact to intelligent lock industry. As we all know, smart locks as in and out of the house will touch device, time is long, it must also have a lot of bacteria. If the antibacterial technology, can reduce the bacteria on smart locks, for family health keeping, it is helpful.
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