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With each passing day, security is no longer 'Wu Xia Amon'

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-01
Under the general trend of intelligence, building a comprehensive system integrating practicality, intelligence, simplicity and safety has become an important trend in the field of home security. Security technology is changing with each passing day, and it is no longer the traditional impression of locking doors and closing windows' The pace of intelligent security has entered our lives. The current security protection mechanism of the intelligent lock that can alarm requires the cooperative operation of all devices. For example, when the intelligent lock in the new era finds abnormal behavior after connecting the alarm and wireless action detector in series, automatic locking or recording can be realized, and the overall security level can be improved. In addition to the traditional key and touch password, the smart lock in the new era will also integrate NFC and wireless transmission modules, so it supports smart phones to open doors and App to unlock. When it is detected that someone attempts to destroy the door lock, the alarm and notification are issued through the alarm to deter the burglar from invading. In addition, when receiving the command of wireless transmission as a sensor, the door will be automatically locked to ensure the safety of the whole home. Intelligent security requires the door lock not to passively accept the owner's operation, but to give full play to subjective initiative'Play the role of active monitoring and protection. Anti-theft alarm system for fire prevention, Dew prevention and poisoning prevention the traditional anti-theft alarm is only applied as a single product function. Under the wave of intelligence, the anti-theft alarm has also been redefined. While strengthening family and social security, it will be more integrated with access control, intercom, monitoring, smart home and other industries, or become a comprehensive smart product. Such as adding home appliance control module, biometric module, network module, Video module, etc. , integrating various functions such as home security, voice communication, home automation, living environment monitoring, etc, become a new intelligent terminal entrance. The anti-theft alarm system can also realize the alarm function of the product itself through a single product or suit, such as ensuring property safety, anti-theft, personal safety, elderly help, fire prevention, leakage prevention, poisoning prevention, etc, and docking police reception centers 110, 120, 119; At the same time, it can also carry out platform operation and provide more value-added services. For example, through the platform, the mobile phone APP of the alarm user can not only receive the alarm information in time, but also receive the property notification, can make an appointment for registration, movie reservation, online shopping, etc. , become a real intelligent and safe life housekeeper. Communicate with you at any time' The intelligent camera of the camera completely subverts the concept of traditional security, from the initial passive monitoring to active real-time viewing. Among these products, mobile phones become the leader of monitoring. Place the device in the desired location, download the APP program of the corresponding product in the mobile phone, and complete the installation by simple pairing after wireless connection. If you want to monitor the picture taken by the product, just open the software in the phone. In terms of application scope, such products are also more widely used. For example, during work, the mother can look after the baby remotely through the mobile phone; Children go to work to care for the elderly who are alone at home. At the same time, for the sake of family safety, most smart cameras are equipped with dynamic monitoring functions. If a moving object appears in the monitoring screen, the device will automatically record or take photos, and send an alarm to the mobile phone to remind the owner of the danger. Do you feel that installing such a camera is equivalent to hiring a security guard who is always on the job. The editorial point of view actually covers a wide range of security, mainly including: closed-circuit monitoring system, anti-theft alarm system, building intercom system, parking factory management system, community card system, infrared perimeter alarm system, electronic fence, patrol system, attendance access control system, security room system, electronic examination room system, intelligent door lock, etc. The intelligent lock, intelligent anti-theft alarm system and intelligent camera listed above are three products with high intelligence and mature technology in security products. With the emergence of intelligent buildings and intelligent community construction, as well as the emergence of high-tech electronic products and all-digital network products, there will be more and more intelligent security products and systems. As consumers, they should also keep pace with the times, constantly update your understanding of security and keep up with the pace of intelligent life. ( Original title: it's time to subvert your understanding of security)
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