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Without it, your contracted household up to 60 minutes

by:FUYU lock     2020-04-18

Northern Europe, cold earth every corner of the Snow White with lush forest natural green mountains hide body waves pool at the foot of the children ran out from sparse cabin left a string of small footprints in the snow because of the unique landscape and culture in household, today we have more and more people choose the Nordic contracted style to say how to build a Nordic contracted style home who is the representative of northern Europe contracted household? Nordic contracted style, black and white colour dense post-modernism characteristics and fluent line draw the outline to return to nature, advocating elegance of log is northern Europe classical decoration design lets a person easy to relax, pick up leading the contracted style fashion Top. 5 Nordic white walls near the Arctic Circle in the summer there will be a polar days sunshine in the winter time is short for the Nordic people, sunshine is very precious and white walls with a huge window for maximum reflection light warm the whole house in household, choose the ground white walls all around is one of the most convenient way makes the Nordic style, the Top4. Plants has the design feeling easily add filar silk household colour harmony and the Nordic style tequila aloe FIG scattered tail ash green bamboo is appropriate, booming masculine, deserve to go up the glass metal pot, adding to the geometric style is the best choice of boreal Europe style on tea table for geometry plant lives in a small place can also contains the flavor Top3 of boreal Europe amorous feelings. Mural light is repaired, heavy adornment metope is the most obvious feature of boreal Europe style collocation with Beijing as the layout design of mural of abstract color, simple line, size of the black and white ash murals also can avoid visual fatigue, relaxed and simple household design, relax the household environment that is hang a few white wall mural Nordic quality life no longer drab northern vividly on the 'wall' ranked by quality. The original wood floor in the Nordic design, essence is to advocate return to natural original wood floor with wood retained the original color and texture, therefore, the wood is the soul of boreal Europe style at the same time, the Nordic Snow White wood floors are weather can make indoor light more bright and some simple wood, bold powerful carefully as if they are in nature the original wood floor to live on the shop is not only a Nordic home again but the boundless forest Top1. Mute collectors' list clear diagonal line of a series of hand several geometry in mute collectors' intense collision sparks of contracted, for an instant, the Nordic contracted style filled the whole house complained of minimalist lifestyle locks connecting people and building a mute brass lock on the door in the Nordic contracted household so shape every time the door is a silent and intimate contact of Nordic landscape house mute collectors' series of Finnish designer Likka AirasFutudesign graduated from Aalto university industrial design, a co-founder of the Shanghai world expo Finnish pavilion designers noble mute collectors' list price series of national patent appearance, master original design luxury quality surface treatment technology unique quadrupole magnets push-pull HPb59 - patent technology 1 pure copper, precision forging a integrated design of human body engineering, human experience extreme mute, noise reduction by 60% if you want to decorate the house boreal Europe style remember white walls, plants, murals, the original wooden floor, mute brass lock this several Nordic contracted wind on behalf of the content! Hope I can help you want to decorate                                

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