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Wooden door how to cleaning and maintenance - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-12-02
Wooden door locks and other products, using long hard to avoid some problems, such as: paint, decoloring, and so on, every day we contact wood door lock, from the morning to open the door, close to go home at night, wooden door locks have been in contact with a lot of time every day, the grease of the human body or the dust in the air will damage the lock body surface. So we should how to clean and maintain it? Fu yu hardware below small make up to you to introduce the cleaning and maintenance of wood door lock.     A: the wooden door lock clean & emsp;   Door lock as part of the life that occupy the home, often want to clean it, keep the surface dry, clean. Clean the wooden door lock, external mainly wipe cleaning, internal cleansing mainly into graphite powder ash or pencil to give priority to. Should gradually from internal to external cleaning, avoid external after clean, clean up the internal besmirch, again dirty outside, reasonable arrangement of cleaning sequence, can effectively reduce the workload.     On a regular basis to clean the wood door is very necessary and must be carried out, on the surface of a door lock and hardware accessories for cleaning, remove dirt and oil, maintain a clean and tidy and lock body luster, excused by rust, oxidation, ensure the integrity of the beautiful sex of door lock and the, delayed the service life.     2: wooden door maintenance & emsp;   Wooden door maintenance is not a regular and long-term activities, wooden door maintenance is different from other locks clean, consider we will be more aspect to consider its particularity.     1, need to know whether the parts is flexible, such as the rotating lock core is smooth, the lock tongue can pop up normally, can handle pressure normal springback, and so on. If a component is not flexible, not smooth, will replace or repair.     2, want to consider the surrounding environment, we use the wooden door lock is inseparable with the surrounding environment, if the bathroom or kitchen, can make a big lampblack or water vapor, then advised to choose stainless steel wood door lock, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance ability, avoid the surrounding environment bring damage to the door.     After reading the above these, for wood door lock is deepened understanding of how to clean and maintenance? In fact, wooden door locks and other hardware requires care in life we can show the beautiful side, add a different style for your home.
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