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by:FUYU lock     2020-12-03
Wooden door locks manufacturers cooperation object is usually wooden door factory or wooden door store, belongs to the upstream and downstream relationship, especially now buy will buy a lock door, wooden door locks with wooden door sales. So for wooden door factory, how to choose a suitable and stable wooden door locks manufacturers supply? Fu yu hardware small make up for all the following methods are summarized for your reference.     Wooden door locks manufacturers how to choose: & emsp;   1, the product line & emsp;   Wooden door factory number on the market, in the face of consumer groups also each are not identical, wooden door locks manufacturers in order to meet the needs of different customers, product line complete is the premise, high-grade wooden door locks and low-end products, hinge, door stopper, hinge production, different types of customers to find the right product.     2, size & emsp;   For a certain degree of online trading many customers worry, one thousand paid the money, not what to do with shipping. It's requirements of wooden door locks manufacturers have certain strength, plant area, production of fixed number of year, with the staff, production equipment and so on, these materials will not be able to do false, there is a power of essential elements.     3, process or equipment & emsp;   For wooden door locks, the production process will be linked to quality directly, take small workshops or mom-and-pop stores, various conditions is limited, both in equipment and technology is relatively backward, produce wooden door lock quality is not high, can't value-added wooden door, wooden door sales.     4, after-sales service & emsp;   When choosing wooden door lock factory is essential to after-sales service, customer response speed is very important for the customer, rich yu hardware provide housekeeper type service, regular orders can be delivery in the day, product after-sales problem, 2 hours and quick response.     Looking for wooden door locks manufacturers choose rich yu hardware for service, has 21 years production experience, professional for wooden door factory, wood shop or a variety of engineering services, with 21 automatic production lines, monthly production of wooden door 600000, according to market changes, every year spend a lot of manpower, material research and development of new style.
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