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Wooden door magnetic mute lock - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-12-06
You buy things are the same, will focus on product price, quality, service and brand, wooden door magnetic quiet room door lock is the same, this is from ordinary consumer's point of view, if it is real estate developers? They will be more concerned about the supply capacity, as well as price, brand, and looking for a brand manufacturer cooperation, can get high quality room door lock, also can save intermediary fees, also guaranteed the product quality, cost-effective.     Wooden door magnetic mute lock or lock manufacturers supply factory brand, brand manufacturers and small workshops to produce the product the difference is: brand manufacturers all operations are routing operation, every operation, record automatic production speed, high efficiency, low fault rate and strong supply ability. There is very great limitation in small workshops, the customer is not stable, is no guarantee the product quality, prone to rip off. In addition if the door malfunctioned, does not provide after-sales service.     Wooden door magnetic mute lock, looking for strong, has the brand manufacturer cooperation, there is no doubt that is right choice for everyone, rich yu hardware to provide 2 years warranty service, the warranty period, the room door lock performance problems, there will be 24 hours round-the-clock customer service to serve you, these are what we should do. Contact us now, we still provide free proofing, and custom services.
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