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Work hard, take what reward yourself?

by:FUYU lock     2020-04-14
In normal times, work conscientiously, to rightfully spending the holiday. The small long vacation is going to stay in the bosom of the working people, what do you want to good take overindulge ourselves? Have interest of life. At home watching movies, cooking, and a variety of flowers. B。 People mountain people sea also cannot stop avlight heart. A rare holiday, of course, want to go out and see great rivers of the motherland. C。 With the person I love. Job is busy, only holiday can and family, friends and lovers together well, as long as you have them, eat sleeping dozen doug. D。 Read a book, for the next phase of their work to recharge. In tea full of rice, and mind after a nap, before the end of the holiday, we are still thinking about how to work efficiently, is what work will be sleepy? According to the Chinese family mute consumer trends report, 32. 3% of respondents said in the daily life is affected by the door switch sound, become more than ten thousand users for indoor noise 'champion'. It belongs to the instantaneous noise, easy to wake the rest of the people were sleeping wake again people are often difficult to quickly enter the effective full sleep state locks so small sudden noise, can let a person tossing and turning, a sleepless night, the second day early in the morning, inevitably will be sleepy at work. Why not concentrate? Daily work, open a closed door lock 'rattling' ring, most people will be interrupted by the noise the thought or conversation. For creative workers, this problem is more deadly, creativity is fleeting, an interrupt is likely to lose a great idea. How to efficient work? Ordinary door switch noise at 70 decibels, locks noise is the main cause of above problem. Fuyu Hardware system, the extreme quiet, open closed interval in 30 - sound 45 decibels, is the most suitable noise interval, rest and work for a bedroom or in the office, can promote the work effectively. Industry is the first lock indoor quiet intelligence ( Fission) Going to shock listed mute magnetic lock body: quadrupole magnets push-pull invention patent, doors open quiet, comfortable, don't disturb your family. Vault level fingerprint sensor: living fingerprint identification, refused to false fingerprint effectively. Ergonomics design: a hold open the door, the province three open step long service life: fingerprint surface hardness up to 6 h, using SIP encapsulation, waterproof and dustproof 5 layer car paint anticorrosion technology, salt fog test supranational standard 12 times the charging time, with a full years mute collectors Vienna series 10 heavy mute design, five mute an application for a patent for invention, the patent appearance, comprehensive noise reduction 60% teacher li also mans pour design industry first couple shadow the phantom of the red, green, three new phantom yellow surface decoration luxury grade pure hand wipe the technology industry's first all one thousand tons of copper forging brass lock innovation automotive paint technology, environmental protection and durable corrosion resistance supranational standard 12 times, durable good locks, mute, with mute Hardware, composition of the fourth generation of mute system, comprehensive noise reduction, close to redefine the way, get out of the way is closed follow one's inclinations to mute bumper: at first, a Fuyu Hardware designed to match the door close to 10 °, use of closed damper force function is slowly closing, eliminate the door and door frame thump, mute effect; Clip and avoid child humanity design: buffer damping force of high, medium and low three gears is adjustable, can meet the needs of different closing speed after the base 3 d adjustable, installation easier opening and closing mute self closing page: life over 100000 times more quiet: automatic closed function, use with mute out buffer is closed automatically, reduce the impact noise; Human nature design: automatically open the door, positioning, 105 ° automatic shutdown, 120 ° automatically open the door; More convenient: closing speed can be adjust, core pulling type installation, simple and convenient work we go all out to treat life, we need to know the reward yourself. Finally, I wish a great working people have a happy holiday!
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