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Xiaomi suspected release of remote control smart door and window lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-02
On May 11, Xiaomi smart family's official microblog posted a document with a picture: guess the second issue of the new product--The door is closed. Pay attention to and forward, win 2015 millet smart new products'. Play the old routine again, sell the customs! I don't know how many rice noodles I want to know. No way, he didn't say it directly, we had to guess by ourselves. I don't know if you have forgotten, on May 7, Xiaomi smart home official Weibo let us guess the first new product: guess the first new product -? -, Its sound is clear and far-sighted' At that time, everyone basically decided that it was a Xiaomi smart doorbell. On May 10, Xiaomi smart home official Weibo announced the answer is Xiaomi wireless switch, and said that it can be used as a doorbell, can be used as a wireless switch. When it is a doorbell, it can be directly pasted and used, and it can be triggered by light pressing at 360 degrees without dead angle; When it is a wireless switch, it can be placed at will, and many smart devices can be controlled by one button. And this time Xiaomi smart family official Weibo let us guess the second new product: guess the second new product-- If you don't return, the Casement should be tightly closed. It should be an intelligent door and window lock that can be remotely controlled by mobile phone APP. When it rains or goes out, I don't remember whether to close the window or not. I can check it through the mobile phone APP and close the window remotely.
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