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Your Home Security IV: Door Lock Features You

by:FUYU lock     2020-04-26
The next article in this series is focusing on some key door lock features that you may not know about. As mentioned in the previous articles, a Grade 1 deadbolt lock is the most preferable choice when it comes to locks. An ANSI Grade 1 specification means that the lock meets certain quality standards set by the non-profit American National Standards Institute. There are certain features that you may also want on your deadbolt lock that can add to your home security. Throw LengthA deadbolt's 'throw' is the length that the bolt extends when it comes out of the door edge. It is always recommended that you get a deadbolt with at least a 1 inch throw. This is because having a longer throw makes it harder for burglars to break through the door by prying or spreading the door frame. Captured KeyThere are some draw backs that come along with using a double-cylinder lock. The primary draw back being that you must always use a key to leave the house as well as to enter. During an emergency situation this can be dangerous if you cannot find the key to get out of your home. With a captured key mechanism you can basically turn the double-cylinder functionality on and off by using a thumb turn. When the thumb turn is 'on' you can leave the home without using a key. When it is 'off' it creates a double-cylinder condition. It is best to have the thumb turn off when no one is home and on when people are home. Drill ResistanceThere are burglars out there who use a drill to undo a lock. To combat this problem, various security lock manufacturers have created units with steel chips inside of the lock housing. Drill bits get damaged when they come into contact with the hardened chips thereby thwarting the attempts of the burglar to get into your home. Saw ResistanceYou can also invest in a high-quality deadbolt lock that has anti-saw pins on the inside of the bolt. Just like there are burglars who may try to use a drill to undo a lock, there are other residential burglars who use saws to take off door locks. The pins inside of saw-resistant locks can spin. When a saw is used on the lock it makes it incredibly difficult to remove the lock since the pins inside can spin with the blade of the saw.
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