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Zengcheng stolen a woman slip multiple district, all because of this kind of interior door lock - - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-08-29
Reporter FuYi reports: recently, the guangzhou police to carry out the '2019' special operation, successfully captured a burglary woman for many times, the woman into a village in the morning, before sleeping, door to door opened the door, implemented a burglary.     Happened recently, more than in xintang village a burglary cases, by the police investigation, many cases of time in the morning, and the trace of indoor door lock has no apparent damage, preliminary judgment for LiuMen theft, police seized surveillance video, found that more than a woman in a crime scene, with great suspicion.     Master, the police immediately launched emergency mechanism, make do with the lock, and in the rented house caught the suspect, recalled but one set items, according to the suspects confessed, every once in a while she will ride in the morning to xintang town, and then disguised as owner, dive into the village, while morning you are in the sleeping time, door to door opened door implementation of theft, because some people only live installed double handle, can pass down the handle lock tongue, if forget locked, it is easy to pull open the door from the outside burglary. Although 'methods there is no technical content, but owing to the negligence of residents, launched 11 or theft.     Police remind you: please real-name friend anti-theft awareness, if in the case of only a door, it is best to use a single live door handle, lock change the security level is high, shut the doors and Windows at night to rest, less put the valuables at home, if home was stolen, protect the good scene, and in a timely manner to the police for help.     As mentioned above the single living door handle and double handle what's the difference? Indoor door lock factory workers made the detail below.     Science: & emsp;   Single hand door: fixed on the surface of the door handle, not to open the door, the inside of the door handle can be down to open the door.     Double handle door: the door, the door can pass down the handle to open the door, If indoor and forget to lock the door, the thief through the door can also open)     Article source: golden sheep eye network infringement, if any, please contact remove lock information recommendation: indoor door lock manufacturers to take you to know what types of species indoor door lock lock core indoor door lock what methods of choose and buy
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