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by:FUYU lock     2020-08-27
Do the current domestic engineering lock as hundreds of large and small enterprises, various brands, of which about 80% of the manufacturers are concentrated in zhejiang area, engineering locks to the quality request is higher, the manufacturers have high requirements, our country's engineering lock production design level compared with foreign industrial enterprises, there exists a large gap. Zhejiang engineering locks manufacturer production innovation ability do not have advantage, if at a particular time, zhejiang a engineering locks manufacturer with advanced technology, and then copied, spread, than can drive the development of the whole project lock industry, indoor door lock factory made the following introduction.     Engineering locks though is a small part in the whole project, but in normal life can play a critical role, it is very important to how to choose the suitable, see card at the following: 1, look at zhejiang engineering locks when buying wholesale manufacturer, whether to have inspection report. 2, engineering locks is surface texture clear, touch the comfortable. 3 what is engineering lock manufacturing material, don't use inferior materials. 4, maintain the normal maintenance, in order to avoid damage the locks, affect the service life.     Wholesale engineering need to prepare before the door: 1, lock the use of the environment, for example: the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc. , different space use lock body is the existence of difference. 2, and indoor environment is harmonious, collocation: according to the indoor decorate a style to choose, choose their favorite engineering door lock. 3, give full consideration to members in the home, is convenient to the old man, the use of children. 4, combined with the economy: engineering is the price of the door there's a big difference, economic right, can buy high-grade door lock, if general, can choose the quality of products in general.     Article source: WWW. zide360. com
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