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Zippers should also read fingerprints (Figure)

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-03
Recently, fingerprint identification technology has become popular and has gradually expanded from the field of smart phones to other smart devices. In addition to the addition of fingerprint identification technology to mobile phones, even Walkmans and door locks. . . . . . Fingerprint identification technology must be added, and now even the zipper is added with fingerprint identification technology. This zipper with fingerprint identification technology was designed by Radhika Seth. The full name of the zipper is Circle Lock'. It is an aluminum pull ring mounted on the zipper head. It is attached to the pull ring on the other zipper head by electromagnetic force. If you want to separate the pull ring, you can only pinch the ring area on the pull ring for fingerprint scanning, the zipper on the backpack can be successfully opened after the correct identification. The user can set the fingerprint identification by clicking with two hands, and then click to unlock. This zipper is ideal for backpacks or purses that hold valuables and prevents valuables such as passports, cameras, purses, and mobile phones from being lost. This zipper with fingerprint identification technology is designed to be simple, with a fingerprint identification sensor in the two zipper buckles.
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