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Beijing - wooden door manufacturer In 2020 the new release, factory direct sale

by:FUYU lock     2021-01-26
Zhang fengtai do business of wooden door, the original wood door lock factory is affected by the outbreak of cooperation, interrupted cooperation. Want to find a new wooden door lock manufacturers to cooperate, because he is from Beijing, want to find a local Beijing wood door manufacturer cooperation, consider taking goods, sampling, can be convenient to communicate. But the fact is, Beijing has strict control on manufacturing, can not find the wooden door lock manufacturers, through the network search, found a rich yu hardware, so our story begins.     Wood door manufacturer in Beijing, zhang after a simple communication and customer service, we understand the needs of Mr Zhang, positioning in the high period of door lock, the price of the commonly used between 70 and 80, mainly the minimalist style. We then recommends four models to Mr. Zhang market popular zinc alloy lock, fission and Mr Zhang's own choice to paragraph 2, a total of six wooden door lock, samples have been issued by Courier service, I hope Mr. Zhang can be satisfied.     Beijing wooden door lock manufacturers, if in the local find manufacturer cooperation, might as well try fu yu hardware, we are the professional manufacturer of wooden door lock, with 21 years production experience, has 20000 door factory, store and project delivery. In addition, the new 2020 wooden door locks have been listed, consulting service free of charge to receive electronic atlas a product.
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