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Buy wood door need to consider what aspects - hand lock Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-01-31
Wooden door of hand lock is always a big hardware products, market demand both in office and home use. Wooden door of hand lock can not only prevent thieves, also can have very good adornment ornament effect, already practical beautiful. Can be installed on all kinds of wooden door, experience joy and relax from nature. Wooden door of hand lock to beautify the living environment at the same time, also help us relax the mood, a lot of good, but you know what aspects should be considered in the selection of time? Below we look at together.     Purchase of wooden door hand lock which aspects should be considered: & emsp;   1, the actual demand & emsp;   Wooden door of hand lock can help us to beautify the indoor living environment, but need to choose to combine with actual demand. Used in indoor hand lock and certainly not the same with the outdoor, use outside of hand lock attaches great importance to the security ability, requires anti-theft up to standard, and used in indoor hand lock, focused more on decorative beauty, feel comfortable, harmonious with decorate a style to match.     2, using the environment & emsp;   When choosing wooden door before hand lock, need to consider the installation of the surrounding environment, what is going to install the door lock in place. Indoor environment can be divided into two kinds, one kind is to voice have special requirements such as bedroom, study, can install mute of hand lock; And the other one is the bathroom and kitchen, lampblack is big, is damper, to choose a hand lock materials have special requirements, this must consider first before choosing. Of course will also consider whether a hand lock and matching wooden door, harmonious, try to choose the beauty is generous.     3, consider a hand lock size & emsp;   Wooden door hand lock has many sizes, different size purpose is different, villa, hospital, office, home use of hand lock size is different, if it is old change new lock lock must consider, or lock body do not match with the original lock hole, you need to punch, added more workload.     Above is to buy hand lock need to pay attention to the wooden door, hope to be of help, you can buy the right wooden door hand lock.
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