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Detail - bedroom door structure Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-09-18
Throughout the locks in the market, the bedroom door is hardware products, we often come into contact with every day in and out of the bedroom should be met, a bedroom door with good quality not only can protect the privacy, security, more owner can improve sleep quality. Want to buy to the bedroom door, with good quality will need to have a clear understanding about its internal structure, the bedroom door is made of: the lock body, lock, handles and hardware accessories, each part will directly affect the product quality, rich yu hardware below small make up for in detail with you.     Bedroom door: internal structure & emsp;   Lock body, lock body is the core part of the whole bedroom door, two kinds of common tongue have single and double tongue, specifications are: 50, 58, 72, three kinds of different specifications lock body corresponding wooden door hole size is not the same, if change the locks in the home, the lock body specification must have a clear understanding. Suggestion: in choosing a bedroom door lock body, guide plate choose stainless steel, and thick, the second: the lock tongue choose solid, durable.     Lock: the common lock on the market only have two kinds of stainless steel and pure copper, advised to choose a pure brass lock core, pure brass lock core can use more long time, common lock are: small 70 lock: lock height: 26 mm - - - 29 mm, length: 65 mm - 75毫米; Height: 70 lock: lock core - 31 mm - 34 mm, length: 65 mm - 75毫米; This in remind everybody: lock the more the number of holes, the higher the anti-theft performance, the higher the price also.     Handle: handle common is stainless steel, pure copper, and various alloy handle, common on the market at present the handle is zinc alloy products, because the zinc alloy has good plasticity, can be made into various shapes, select hand in addition to the materials used, production technology is also a key factor, because the handle is in contact with most of the part in the whole bedroom door, use a long time easy to rub off, or fall off. Fu yu hardware production bedroom door adopts multi-layer plating process, on the surface of the handle to form detailed coating, make internal material and separate from the outside world, use longer.     Panel: the choice of lock panel and production material, the thickness of the panel, is directly related to the production process, choose the good quality is given priority to with stainless steel and zinc alloy lock panel, used the fine polishing, wire drawing texture and electroplating process etc, let the panel and beautiful at the same time, to prevent surface rust and oxidation.     Hardware accessories: bedroom room contains a key lock hardware fittings, door stopper, hinge, hinge, screws, etc. , although these small parts, but when choice must not ignore, to pay attention to.     Through the above introduction, you should know what are the bedroom door inner structure parts, if still don't understand, you can click on the right side of the online customer service for consultation, fu yu hardware in the door industry has 21 years research and development production experience, is the production factory, has 21 automatic production line, production lock 600000 a month, good industry reputation.
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