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Easily pick locks

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-13
A, locks the preparing work before the choose and buy 1, before the door of choose and buy, first statistics needed to lock the door and door frame thick width, so that the assistant configuration lock core length and the width of the lock body. 2, has a single open, double open and about to open, need to know about the door open, so that the shop assistant configuration the door open. ( Note: hinge installed in on the left side of the door is left open, the hinge is installed on the right side of the door open for the right) 3, the color of the door, and home decoration style. 4, door furniture as product of form a complete set of locks, should keep with the door lock design style photograph humorous, shape beauty and maintain the integrity of the design group. Second, stainless steel and zinc alloy lock to identify health and environmental protection is an important factor in household culture in recent years, and are becoming more and more warm. Thus has antibacterial, sterilization, aesthetically pleasing wrought brass lock rising in the global market, it also brings locks the status quo of the sham as the genuine in the market. Below for several kinds of locks, analysis and comparison of different material to help consumers to maintain their legal rights, the true understanding of identify the excellent properties of stainless steel lock: on the market, the surface treatment of zinc alloy and stainless steel lock color is very close, often appear s misleading customers, such as 'nickel plated zinc alloy material drawing color, only tell the customer is a wire drawing, not to say the material also don't say color', lead to the customer to buy zinc alloy lock thought is stainless steel lock. So buy the lock, please carefully to identify the customers friends, can also refer to the following method to distinguish: method 1, with the volume of stainless steel weight is heavier than zinc alloy lock, lock can clearly feel it out from the handle. Method 2, scraping HuaFa. With a knife or file sharps, such as scratches on the opposite side of the panel, qualitative hard hard strokes and print the same color for the stainless steel lock both inside and outside, soft, easy to draw a silvery white is zinc alloy lock. Method 3, a recognition method of mark. Hard lock stainless steel material, the panel without positioning support pore distribution in the centerline in the inside of the panel; Zinc alloy material is qualitative soft, there are 4 - the panel Eight positioning support pore distribution in the peripheral and central panel inside. 4, visual method, through the visual identification of two kinds of material, the surface difference between stainless steel lock is zinc alloy lock natural luster, delicate and exquisite, moist texture, under the light shine upon imparting the texture. Methods 5, look for the brand, shop around. Three, in the selection and use of the lock when must pay attention to: 1, the choice of assured quality brand door lock manufacturers production. 2, pay attention to the choose and buy, and also your doors to start the direction of the door. 3, pay attention to the door frame size, ball lock and hold hand lock on the door cannot be used for less than 90 cm. 4, pay special attention to when install door lock, only will take insurance discount at the other end, to install, don't take the key of the side off the installation. 5, and don't lock heart drops of oil, if the key open ineffective, but to some key within the eye pencil lead pin. 6, such as inadvertently house insurance chronological rotate 90 degrees, established the permanent insurance, it can only be opened with a key, just put the insurance counterclockwise to 90 degrees, can be restored. 7, do not use wet cloth to wipe the lock body and holding hands, lock tongue rotate into the lock body, close the door and then let go, otherwise it will reduce the service life of the door.
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