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Fingerprint locks are more secure than traditional mechanical locks. Why don't consumers still pay?

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-02
A few days ago, a friend from a distributor who made fingerprint locks just talked to me about this topic. And I also saw a lot of marketing staff posting in Post Bar saying that consumers do not seem to have a cold with a fingerprint lock that requires several thousand yuan, and marketing is not easy. As a new media operator in the fingerprint lock industry, I feel deeply about this issue. As consumption upgrades, concepts such as artificial intelligence, smart home, and the Internet of Things become popular, it is easy to create an illusion: thinking that a new product is already very popular and many people are using it, and some people even think that the market is mature. Fingerprint locks are such a promising prospect, but at this stage they are still in the stage of market cultivation and difficult to promote. According to the analysis of the application status of the smart fingerprint lock market in the '2017 China Smart Lock Application and Development White PaperThrough this data, we find that the smart fingerprint lock is currently in the primary stage of development in my country. Therefore, all fingerprint lock dealers and fingerprint lock manufacturers need to roll up their sleeves and work hard! Compared with traditional mechanical locks and fingerprint locks, it has higher security and good experience, and it is a product of modern technology. Why is the penetration rate of fingerprint locks so low? 1. The most difficult thing for users to change is the habits of consumers. At present, most households have installed traditional mechanical locks, which basically satisfy the use and anti-theft functions of door locks. Consumers need to upgrade their needs, such as using fingerprint locks to be more convenient (a variety of unlocking methods), better appearance, better security, and higher-level needs such as improving the quality of life and the grade of home decoration. It will take a long time to become popular. Because fingerprint locks are too difficult for consumers to judge the pros and cons. After all, fingerprint lock consumers need to pay more than 10 times the price of traditional mechanical locks. Whether it is worth paying such a large cost to change the status quo is difficult to make decisions. Therefore, for most consumers, even if they know the fingerprint lock, as long as the neighbors do not use the fingerprint lock, they will default to their past habits. Solution: In view of user habits, the best way for fingerprint lock merchants at present is to market to specific groups of people, such as those who need to buy a house, new house decoration, or strategic cooperation with a real estate company, and make some targeted Model market. 2. The problem of cognition A consumer buying a new product generally has to go through five major consumer decision-making processes: the recognition stage-the interest stage-the evaluation stage-the trial stage-the adoption stage. At present, the recognition of fingerprint locks is very insufficient for most consumers. At present, many consumers have only seen fingerprint locks on the Internet, and have not experienced fingerprint locks or used fingerprint locks, so they still have insufficient trust in the product. . For users who have bought a fingerprint lock, they only really understand the benefits of a fingerprint lock after using it. It is difficult for consumers to know the specific advantages and how convenient it is without personal experience of this benefit. Solution: Fingerprint lock merchants should combine online and offline, and conduct online user experience evaluation and brand promotion to reduce user decision-making costs. Make fingerprint lock experience stores or community promotion offline. Let users really feel the benefits of fingerprint locks. 3. Price issues At present, the price of fingerprint locks for the C-end home market is generally above 2,000 yuan, which is a lot of expense for many ordinary families. The current high price of fingerprint locks is mainly due to the inconsistent industry standards. For example, there are too many door lock specifications and the door holes are also strange. The reason why South Korea, Japan, Europe and the United States have higher penetration rates than domestic ones is mainly due to their mature industry accumulation and unified standards. This has a lot to do with the market structure and the national level. From the perspective of enterprises, fingerprint lock manufacturers can only improve the technical level, increase the degree of production automation, and reduce the purchase cost of consumers through marketing upgrades. Response: Make full use of the Internet, such as through crowdfunding and group buying marketing methods, to reduce product experience prices. 4. After-sales problems The difficulty of installing fingerprint locks and after-sales problems are also important factors that hinder the popularity of fingerprint locks. Generally, it takes 2-3 hours to install a fingerprint lock. It is difficult for ordinary consumers to buy it and install it by themselves. If there is a problem with the fingerprint lock, it is troublesome to repair. Solution: Improve the quality of after-sales service, so that consumers will have no worries about buying. Remarks: The above content was originally created by 'Fuyu Smart Lock'. For more latest developments in the fingerprint lock industry, follow the WeChat public account 'Fuyu Door Lock'.
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