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Fingerprint locks are so much more expensive than mechanical locks. Why do more and more people choose?

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-02
Compared with mechanical locks, fingerprint locks are more superior in terms of safety performance or smart convenience. Nowadays, fingerprint locks have quietly entered the homes of ordinary people. Relatives and friends around have quietly replaced mechanical locks and used fingerprint locks. The price of fingerprint locks of two to three thousand yuan is within the spending power of most owners. People's pursuit of quality of life and attention to the security conditions of the living environment have prompted more people to focus on fingerprint locks that meet the needs of safety and convenience. product. Convenience is the biggest feature of fingerprint locks compared to mechanical locks. People are accustomed to the life scenes of taking out the key to open the door and going out with the key, but they also endure all the troubles caused by the key reluctantly. Going out with the key is a hindrance, unfortunately, if I lose it, I must pry the door and change the lock. The use of the fingerprint lock completely releases the bondage of the key to people, and there is no need to worry about forgetting to bring the key and losing the key for yourself and your family. To a certain extent, the fingerprint lock is like an Apple mobile phone, which is the embodiment of identity and taste, which can give people inner satisfaction. The fundamental reason is the convenience, safety and practicality brought by the fingerprint lock. Compared to a set of wooden doors of several thousand yuan, a faucet of thousands of yuan, and the price of two to three thousand yuan for fingerprint locks, the value of the security for customers and homes far exceeds its price. The main advantages of fingerprint locks: 1. The security of fingerprint locks. Common mechanical lock keys can be copied. The owner is not at ease after others use it. The fingerprint is unique. There are no two identical fingerprints in the world. 2. The convenience of the fingerprint lock. It is not necessary to carry the key with you, and it is a key that will never be lost. A person's fingerprint will remain the same for life, and one fingerprint can be used for life. And one person can input fingerprints of different fingers. Touch to open, reverse lift to lock. 3. The fingerprint lock is expandable, can hold 100 fingerprints, and can register and input fingerprints, delete fingerprints at will, and the management of fingerprints is very convenient. Compared with ordinary mechanical locks, it saves the trouble of preparing keys and recovering keys. 4. The fingerprint lock is maintenance-free for a long time, and the ordinary mechanical lock has a short service life, and it is prone to failure during use, and has to break in. The fingerprint lock basically does not fail and has a variety of unlocking methods. 5. The recognition rate of fingerprint locks is high, the rejection rate is less than 1, and the false recognition rate is less than one part per million. 6. The fashion of fingerprint locks. Fingerprint technology is the development direction of locks. The use of fingerprint locks represents fashion, nobleness, cutting-edge, and appearance. The design is stylish and generous.
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