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General lock - price Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-09-03
Locks encountered in life there are many kinds of, have on the wooden door locks, have plastic door locks, and glass door locks, different types of locks the price is different, want to know the general lock price, need to know what you need to lock, and USES. Fu yu hardware small make up today about the common bedroom door, study door, kitchen door and bathroom lock price do a detailed introduction.     Bathroom, toilet door lock price: & emsp;   Typical characteristics of the bathroom and toilet is damp, generally use the stainless steel door, stainless steel material in corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance ability is outstanding, almost the bathroom door on the market price fluctuation in 30 yuan; If it is 304 stainless steel lock, the price is in 100 yuan of above, use longer.     Bedroom, study room door lock price: & emsp;   Bedroom and study generally use zinc alloy lock, lock body adopts the mute lock body, zinc alloy material is qualitative easy casting, design is rich, and the color is complete, suitable for different decorate a style. Plus mute lock body, can effectively control the indoor noise, to build a comfortable rest environment owner, quality general lock on the market, the price is in 70 - 80 yuan of /, high-grade door when the price is in 100 yuan of above.     Tell small make up a lot of friends, it seems almost room door lock, prices are far, buy expensive, worry about when, cheap, worry about quality. Small make up want to say is, the factors influencing lock price is not the appearance, but the use of the material and production process. Don't put different locks together to compare the prices, there is no comparable, will add more contradictions.
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