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How can I buy a lock - right Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-08-29
Lock in People's Daily life is arguably though small, but they can't ignore the important products. Lock with a variety of commonly used, such as: the bedroom door, study door, office door, hospital and so on, the door locks can be installed on the door. Lock up from material points are: stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy and pure copper four; On the structure of it has a body and fission, if the home or usually installed zinc alloy with a split type lock; If office or a hospital and other public places, usually with stainless steel lock.     The lock on the market at present from the brand or to see there are thousands of styles, consumers choose to choose to also can't see the difference, sometimes often looked at similar lock, but the price is far, so how to buy the right door? With small make up to look down.     How can I buy a suitable room door lock?     1, checking the quality of the door lock & emsp;   The room door lock with good quality from raw materials to production process to after-sales service are in conformity with the standards, the materials used in full, do not cut corners, surface treatment is exquisite, without trachoma, spots, etc. ; Key rotation lock is smooth, no obstruction. Zinc alloy lock, for example, heavy quality on hand, weight, appearance beautiful, conforms to the mass aesthetic, using electroplating process to deal with the door surface.     2, taking into account the installation environment & emsp;   Lock usually installed in the indoor environment, such as bedroom or bathroom, if is use toilet room door lock, because the air there is a large amount of water vapor, so choose stainless steel lock, stainless steel in corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, etc all have a good performance, will be able to use also lived longer; If the bedroom is used, it is recommended that the installation of zinc alloy material of the lock, the reason is that the zinc alloy material style more, look more beautiful, also has the very good adornment sex.     3, the demand quantity & emsp;   If a person purchase, need the number of small, can be purchased from the hardware store or online, more convenient; If it is door factory use, store, or engineering, need to take the goods for a long time, and the number is larger, suggest looking for room with door lock manufacturers of goods, first of all manufacturers have more styles, and clear what kind of room door lock is more popular with the market; Secondly from manufacturer replenish onr's stock, don't have to own stock, reduce the risk of product backlog.     Conclusion: & emsp;   Above is about 'how to buy the appropriate lock' some of the share, hope to have certain help in choosing a room door lock. Fu yu hardware specializing in the production of lock for 21 years, long-term provide room door lock door factory, store and engineering services, if necessary, welcome at any time consulting, customer service 24 hours online, free led products price list.
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