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How to choose high-quality security doors and fire doors?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-01
Consumers should pay attention to the following points when purchasing anti-theft doors and fire doors: (1) consumers should select appropriate anti-theft doors according to the actual requirements of the door opening direction, color and pattern of the room. (2) Anti damage function is the most important function of anti-theft security door. When purchasing, the seller can be required to show the inspection certificate of relevant departments. The product quality shall meet the technical requirements of national standard gb17565-2007 general technical conditions for anti-theft security door. (3) The thickness of the steel plate of the qualified anti-theft safety door frame shall be more than 1.5mm, the thickness of the door body shall be more than 40mm, the weight of the door body shall be checked, generally more than 40kg, and the internal structure of the door body can be checked by removing the bell box or lock handle of the cat's eye door. The thickness of the steel plate of the door body shall be more than 0.5mm, and several reinforced steel frames shall be inside, so that the front and rear panels of the door body can be connected organically Together, enhance the overall strength of the door body, the door is generally filled with polyurethane or honeycomb paper, with insulation and sound insulation function. The fire door shall be filled with asbestos (fire-proof cotton) and other materials with fire-proof function as filler, and the door body shall be knocked by hand to make a 'thumping' sound, and the consumer shall be flexible in opening and closing the door by hand. The production of fire doors shall have the qualification certificate issued by the state for the production of fire doors. (4) Check the process quality: special attention shall be paid to check whether there are welding defects, such as open welding, lack of welding, etc. Check whether the fit of door leaf and door frame is dense, whether the gap is uniform, whether the opening is flexible, whether all joints are dense, and whether the surface of door plate is anti-corrosion treatment, generally painting and plastic spraying. The surface of paint layer shall be free of bubbles, with uniform color. Most doors are also embedded with rubber sealing strip on the door frame, so that there will be no harsh metal collision sound when closing the door. (5) Lock inspection: generally, the qualified anti-theft door adopts the anti-theft special lock which has passed the inspection of the public security department. At the same time, the lock shall be protected by steel plate with a thickness of more than 3.0mm. Many of the current anti-theft locks are multi-directional locks, which have the advantages of not only locking the door, but also inserting and locking the upper and lower crossbars to fix the door. Greatly increased the anti prying performance of the door. The GA / t73-94 mechanical anti-theft lock issued by the Ministry of public security clearly stipulates that the mechanical anti-theft lock can be divided into ordinary protection level and advanced level, which are represented by level a and level B. Class a lock refers to a lock with an anti-destructive opening time of not less than 15 minutes and an anti-technical opening time of not less than 1 minute. Class B lock refers to a lock with an anti-destructive opening time of not less than 30 minutes and an anti-technical opening time of not less than 5 minutes (anti technical opening refers to the ability to resist lock professional technicians to use special tools to open locks). And in the same case, the safety performance of class B anti-theft lock is 5 times that of class a lock. High quality anti-theft door brand will also use super-b-level lock C-level anti-theft lock. (6) After the anti-theft door is installed, the user should first check whether the accessories and data such as the key insurance policy invoice and after-sales service sheet are consistent with those provided by the anti-theft door manufacturer, and never have fewer keys. When using the key to open the lock that has been installed in the door body, the lock cylinder shall be easy and flexible without jamming; when the door is opened 90 degrees, it shall be flexible and free from jamming, abnormal noise, etc.
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