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How to choose the right zinc alloy door locks?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-16
Zinc alloy lock in fact quite good, zinc alloy lock price economy, modelling is very much, as long as good plating, with five years, eight years is not too big problem. So how do we usually need to choose suitable zinc alloy door locks? 1, choose what kind of material door lock. Zinc alloy material of door lock is second only to pure copper raw material all aspects of the quality level of door lock, both the quality and level, of course more decent. Zinc alloy door lock design style fusion of ancient and modern culture essence, elegant noble, comfortable feel. 2, choose a price range. Locks on the quotation of zinc alloy material is to be able to let a person bear, but different consumers should according to own situation, choose corresponding door lock. 3, choose good quality locks. Buy locks are not to buy other products, not to say that cheap price is good. The quality of the door lock is our worth thinking about. Fu yu door lock focus on producing all kinds of different materials of locks already has more than 30 years, rich experience in this respect. Zinc alloy big lock choose high quality zinc alloy material has high strength die-casting molding, all artifacts density is big, more than 15% larger than general die-casting products density, no loose pinhole, durable. All of us in the installation of zinc alloy door lock, we can according to the above selected method to select suitable zinc alloy door locks.
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