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Lock is good and zinc alloy stainless steel door lock?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-16
The kinds of door lock has a lot of, such as zinc alloy material of door lock, and stainless steel door lock and so on. However, using stainless steel locks and zinc alloy lock people or more. In fact, the quality of the zinc alloy to buy brand as good as the hardness of stainless steel, zinc alloy material because of a bit on the quality of a material soft, suitable for a unique point of lock, like the appearance of novel villa basic is the material of zinc alloy door locks, and with the material of stainless steel 200, 304, etc. , the real is 304 stainless steel, the other is stainless iron, not stainless steel, remember to buy buy material 304 stainless steel, stainless steel because the quality of a material is hard, led to his appearance, is not easy to squeeze film, but durable and strong. Don't rust, zinc alloy is not rusty. Buy a lock to buy brand, therefore, less known and inferior brand easy to setup, zinc alloy is also a reason.
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