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Phone - indoor door lock factory address Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-11-06
Indoor door lock is household decorates the necessary items, as the most populous country in our country, thus doomed indoor door lock is rigid demand of every household, as the supporting of wooden door hardware, online there are a lot of indoor locks factory address telephone customers, want to know the phone number or address of manufacturer, direct link, simple. Here to tell you a good news, with the enterprise officially return to work, rich yu hardware has been officially to work, wood factory, wood shop, engineering using lock directly dial our telephone line. Below small make up to you to introduce choose rich yu hardware what are the benefits and advantages.     With 21 years production research and development experience in the industry of indoor door lock, which owns: pastoral di, the couple, amber three major brands, in guangdong and zhejiang has two production base, wooden door to provide supporting services for the brand for a long time. Every year to launch a variety of popular new indoor door lock, for the wooden door sales increment, fu can.     Choose the advantage of rich yu hardware: & emsp;   1 more than 30 people, professional research and development team, the average age for more than 10 years, to provide 1 to 1 free private ordering service, meet the customers' personalized needs.     2, process: the three layers of fine polishing, high 80 t die-casting technology, production of indoor door lock life than their peers to extend more than 5 years.     3, style: with more than 500 kinds of different style of indoor door lock, and according to market demand, every year there are new models to market, meet market demand.     4, service: quick response after 2 hours, product failure, or install appear problem, contact the after-sales customer service, remote online guide the operation.     5, delivery capacity: 21 production lines, nissan 600000 indoor door lock, regular order from the warehouse on the day of shipment, bulk purchasing, a week can delivery, guarantee the project smoothly.     Indoor door lock factory address phone, fu yu hardware 24 hours service telephone: 13777751778, click on the button on the right side of the online customer service, leave a phone, there will be professional staff to contact you, for your service.
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