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What are the advantage of the zinc alloy lock - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-09-10
Went to the market at present there are a lot of the kinds of door locks, such as stainless steel lock, the zinc alloy lock, aluminium alloy door, pure copper door and so on, in a wide range of materials, zinc alloy lock by consumers like, mainly because of the material of the lock can satisfy the demand of the masses. So what are the advantage of the zinc alloy lock? Let's look at the rich yu hardware in detail.     What are the advantage of the zinc alloy lock?     1, the plasticity & emsp;   Zinc alloy has good metal plasticity, different shapes of lock on the market is mostly made of zinc alloy material, the style of the zinc alloy lock with more complete, can make straight handle, handle and so on. Can give a person a kind of upscale feel connotation, to indoor environment beautification has played a very important role.     2, great weight & emsp;   Made room door locks, zinc alloy material weight on the hand, not easy to deformation, stable and durable. The same volume of zinc alloy and aluminum alloy material, the weight of the zinc alloy is heavier than aluminum alloy, have more weight.     3, long service life & emsp;   Zinc alloy lock main material of zinc alloy and stainless steel, both of which have a strong impact, compressive ability. And zinc alloy is good plating material, can make detailed protective layer in the surface of the door, not to be the dust in the air, water vapor erosion, has the very good oxidation resistance, long service life and electroplating processing through many layers of zinc alloy lock than the average life span two to three times, this also is one of the reasons why more consumers first.     4, the price is not high & emsp;   Common on the market of zinc alloy lock zero price between 50 tie-in 80, class a little more higher prices in 100, the price for the vast majority of households can afford, price real benefit.     Above is the common advantages of zinc alloy lock, imagine, it cost 100 yuan to buy a beautiful appearance of the zinc alloy lock, and you can use 7, 8 years, that for most people is very cost-effective, is also the main reason for the zinc alloy lock market is, in many residential area, office circumstance can see the figure of it.
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