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Wooden door of hand lock price - what factors influence Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-03-02
In today's rapid development of social economy, wooden door of hand lock industry obtained the swift and violent development, different styles of wooden door on the market of hand lock not less than 1000 kinds, the price also have high low, take the common zinc alloy wood door of hand lock, many friends said that yao appearance looks almost, material is the same, but the price has to, it is caused by what? Wooden door of hand lock prices are influenced by what factors? Today, the rich yu hardware small make up is to solve for you in the heart.     Factors influencing the wooden door of hand lock price: & emsp;   1, the production technology & emsp;   Common wooden door on the market of hand lock production process includes: casting, plating, polishing, polishing, coloring, such as technology, including plating on the number of how many will have obvious effect on prices, for example: three layer plating and 8 electroplating, although the appearance looks the same, but use for a long time, eight layer longer service life and electroplating plating is not easy to fall off.     2, the brand value & emsp;   Big brands more trustworthy, generally speaking, the higher the brand awareness corresponds to the product price is more expensive, but we are willing to choose the brand products, the reason: brand wood door of hand lock quality guaranteed, and a complete after-sales service, within the warranty period, products appear problem, looking for a manufacturer can be processed in a timely manner, more at ease.     Three, use material & emsp;   The use of materials directly determine the production cost of high and low, some wooden door hand lock on hand clearly feel very light, not enough weight, this is jerry, this product price is very low in general. To take stainless steel wood door of hand lock, though, are all made of stainless steel, but consumers don't know the stainless steel is divided into 304 stainless steel and 201 stainless steel two kinds, of which 201 stainless steel price low, quality is poor.     4, purchase channels & emsp;   Two-way merchants even three dealers on the market has a lot of, although with direct manufacturers, but actually did a lot of expensive price, the same product, buy directly from manufacturers and buy from a dealer, the price is high is low, believe that everyone is clear.     Choosing wooden door of hand lock, for rich yu hardware can source factories, factory price. With the couple, amber, di three architectural brand, for the project for a long time, wooden door factory, wood shop provides locks matching service, business involving more than 230 cities across the country, has 20000 + customers, brand manufacturers, trustworthy.
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