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Zinc alloy lock and stainless steel lock - what are the difference between Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-09-10
Lock is each family, must be installed in every room, to protect the privacy at the same time also can decorate interior space, kill two birds with one stone. Currently on the market of the common room door lock mainly stainless steel and zinc alloy, affordable, suitable for ordinary families, a lot of friends for door lock know less, plus two materials that is more similar, don't know how to distinguish, to be deceived by undesirable businessman, worry about when buying leads to their own rights and interests is damaged. The zinc alloy lock and stainless steel lock what the difference? With rich yu hardware small make up read on.     Zinc alloy lock and stainless steel lock difference: & emsp;   Zinc alloy lock is for zinc alloy material of door locks, handles and panel is suitable for electroplating, the common zinc alloy lock on the market often with dumb black, yellow bronze, green bronze, PVD gold, bright chrome color, and zinc alloy material quality of a material soft, can be made into different shapes, the common appearance beautiful, unique locks are basically made of zinc alloy, zinc alloy lock belongs to the high-end door lock, manufacturers wholesale price between 40 to 100.     Stainless steel lock refers to handle and panel is stainless steel door lock, stainless steel material in the oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance performance is outstanding, high hardness, not easy to forge, this leads to the stainless steel door when modelling is simple, more for contemporary and contracted style, in addition to design, stainless steel door is a single color, with stainless steel primary color is given priority to, including 304 stainless steel quality is better, always be installed in the bathroom or kitchen interior space, such as factory wholesale price is within 100 yuan.     Summary in a word, identify zinc alloy and stainless steel lock room door lock, a look at the design, and the colors, fashionable, color variety, basic is zinc alloy material; Basic is stainless steel material, modelling, color, single, each have advantages and disadvantages of each material, need to choose according to actual demand.
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