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The advantages of stainless steel door lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-17
Stainless steel is a kind of performance comparison in the stainless steel material, compared with 200 series stainless steel materials, whether in rust resistance, high temperature resistant, corrosion and corrosion resistance is much more. Speaking of stainless steel door lock, at present in terms of building decoration hardware products, have several individual is representative of the brand, they research and development of specialized production stainless steel door lock products. From stainless steel hand fission, luxury door locks, lock body, lock, hardware, such as representative products, to the bathroom accessories, floor spring, door system and so on, can see stainless applications; From the manufacturing process, precision casting, oil pressure, pressing and atc, such as precision casting process cost is higher, so the price is relatively expensive, oil pressure, stamping and atc, such as technology, on the manufacturing cost is relatively lower, but also can realize full of all kinds of the design and style of change, in general, each have each advantage. Under normal circumstances, the stainless steel material is not rusty, unless special environment is met very bad, is likely to lead to the product rust.
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