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Focus on channel distribution and comprehensively promote smart home landing

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-23
April 25, 2018 2018 intelligent home industry Peak Forum and dealers General Assembly' 2018 smart door lock industry Application Summit Forum' It will be held in Suzhou International Expo Center to launch a smart home and smart door lock manufacturer' With smart home and smart door lock channel dealers'Wonderful dialogue of face-to-face collision. Under the large application scenario of smart community, with the gradual popularization of technologies such as home security, smart home appliances, smart audio and video, switch panels, smart lighting, and voice interaction, the definition of smart home is changing with each passing day. From the perspective of the market, smart home luxury' The nature of the product is gradually fading, and with the promotion of agents and channel dealers, more and more smart home products and systems are gradually entering thousands of households. As is known to all, distributors of smart home channels in east China, North China and central China have gathered. Since the Internet of Things field entered the smart home field, Shenzhen IoT Media Co. , Ltd. has accumulated for 12 years, the overall layout from smart home system integrators and engineers to channel distributors has been completed. ISHE 2018 Shenzhen International intelligent building electric &Smart Home Expo organizing committee ( Hereinafter referred to as ISHE 2018 smart home Exhibition Organizing Committee) Through years of efforts, the accumulated resources of more than 17000 smart home channel distributors at home and abroad, in the 13 smart home and smart door lock conferences throughout the year and the smart home exhibitions in Suzhou and Shenzhen in spring and summer, we will devote our resources to the upstream and downstream of the global smart home industry chain, assist enterprises to complete the transformation of the market more quickly, from the early application of engineering projects to the new stage of the market where engineering and retail are combined. In order to meet the needs of the market and help the industry and enterprises develop more comprehensively, ISHE 2018 smart home exhibition organizing committee from real estate developers, hotel and apartment operators, engineers, system integrators, home distribution centers, home stores, home decoration, home decoration, hardware and building materials trade, home shopping malls, e-commerce and other aspects have accumulated for four years, previous conferences and exhibitions have welcomed 67439 smart home operators, channel distributors and real estate operators to discuss development together with enterprises. Focus on industry hotspots: the linkage market of smart community, AI, biometric and smart home is changing rapidly, product innovation follows, and countless smart home enterprises lead the rapid development of the industry in technological innovation. In view of this, ISHE 2018 smart home exhibition organizing committee has determined the 2018 smart home industry summit forum and dealer conference through a large number of market research and communication with the industry' 2018 smart door lock industry Application Summit Forum'Related issues. At the same time, determine the theme of this Summit Forum: Channel ·Landing. Some topics are as follows: fusion effect: smart home and smart community integration development trend home appliance intelligent transformation Road and future development analysis smart home revolution under voice interaction application of smart access control in community/park smart home audio and video fly into ordinary people's home smart home and progress and report of intelligent door lock industry standards: smart Lock to improve home security level no lock is not in: smart home system starts with a smart lock new fingerprint identification solution enables enterprises to quickly upgrade smart lock products application case analysis of smart locks in Villa hotels and other scenes application analysis of wireless technology in smart lock industry fingerprint identification VS face identification: smart Lock application trend analysis to intelligent home and intelligent door lock industry standard the progress for the development and report' For example, Shang Zhiyu, director of the technical standards Center of the national digital Standardization Technical Committee for intelligent buildings and residential areas, will give us a comprehensive explanation of the standard setting of the smart home and smart door lock industry, what kind of linkage will be adopted between the formulation of national standards and enterprises, and how will the formulation of future standards develop, etc.
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