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Haikou lock company launched a competition war

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-05
During the Spring Festival, there are some strange situations in a community in Haikou: in the morning, the residents in the community will find that the anti-theft door is full of wild ads, which are all about Haikou lock company. This community is a new settlement community in Haikou City. Recently, I don't know why, the security door of Xiaowang's house has become the main battlefield for the lock company to advertise. 'It's disgusting. Overnight, the security door of my house was full of small ads. I counted them in the morning. There were 12 unlock companies. What if someone uses these companies to open the door? ' At first, Wang said, he cleaned the wild ads on the door every day. As a result, he just cleaned them today and pasted them again tomorrow. At last, he simply ignored them. But it's not a way to just ignore them. After all, these wild ads help people unlock the lock. If they are invited by thieves, they will suffer. She said that she left the key at home a few days ago, but had no choice but to find a phone from the lock company on the wall of the corridor and ask someone to unlock it. When the young man who unlocked the lock came, he didn't say anything. He opened the lock in 5 minutes and left after collecting 50 yuan. 'Some unlock ads only have a mobile number, even the company's name and address, so many unlock ads are posted at the door, which is not clear which is the regular company.' Said Aunt Zhang. Master Liu of Anbang lock company, which is registered formally in Haikou, told reporters that when applying for business license, the regular lock company had been put on record in the public security organ, and had uniformly made work license when opening the door. 'If there are citizens who want to open the lock, the locksmith will investigate first, and then open the door under the guidance of the property company personnel.' Mr. Zhu said that if it is some informal lock companies, there are not so many standard systems, which may cause adverse consequences.
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