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NB smart locks which changes brought traditional locks? — — NB smart lock _NBIoT smart door lock _NB | lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-09
Smart door lock mechanical lock, which is different from traditional modern entrance guard system of all kinds of intelligent locks bring people a lot of convenience. Among them, the wireless communication technology for the installation of intelligent door locks offer more convenient. And as the most popular wireless technology in the society now, NB lock advantages have those? Lock has a history of one thousand years ago, the invention of the intelligent door locks from the bars of a primitive society to the present, each generation of product change embodies the great wisdom crystallization. Modern intelligent door locks in security, stability, versatility, and many other ways than traditional locks up a class. In the process of upgrading, wireless Internet technology mature. Iot devices can be divided into three types: no mobility, large amount of data ( Uplink) Monitoring, need a broadband segment, such as residential area. Mobility strong, need to perform frequent switching, small amount of data, such as tracking management team. Need not mobility, a small amount of data, is not sensitive to time delay, such as smart meters. Smart door lock application scenario is 'no mobility, a small amount of data is' the last one. And NB - IoT principle and its low power consumption and cost to get the public's favor. Almost can say as a lock, low power consumption is the most basic requirements, because the battery run out and unable to open this problem will bring poor user experience for users. NB - on this point IoT than other types of radio frequency (rf) technology has a natural advantage. Current in the bottom of A single-chip low-power mode also is only 8 mu A. Ultra-low power consumption will lead to enhance battery life. The minimum limit working current is lower at the same time of reducing energy consumption, also can bring with some battery life. Because as the battery aging, its internal resistance increase can provide current will also reduce, lower working current is undoubtedly 'cutting expenditure'. , of course, everyone in the use of smart door lock also tend to worry about its security problems, after all, everyone in the TV movie works of art has used the plot of 'black' into the security system. This fear is not unfounded. NB - in the industry at present IoT module is also true that there is such a safety hazard. There are two major kinds of situation: the first cloud SDK, plaintext data transmission directly. No confidentiality; The second cloud SDK, based on the DTLS encryption transmission, but end the secret key ID is stored in the Flash, easy to get. So that was a very promising technology, whether because of such flaws and slipping away? Of course, the answer is no, because the industry has gradually emerged and the third way: the TEE security solutions. TEE using OTP ID or collect data encryption into ciphertext, stored in the internal Flash. Terminal to implement data security transmission based on the DTLS. And cloud server received ciphertext data, using the same ID can get clear data decryption. Then debug print or an external Flash storage, data are for the cipher text form. Also got the guarantee its safety. At the same time there is developed by shenzhen skynet interconnected NBIOT intelligent lock has been fully implemented IPv6 protocol support, between IPv6 scenarios. Support the number of nodes is great (due to the same subnet Achieve 10 billion orders of magnitude) , hackers found by means of scan host more difficult. It's good for example every smart lock has the only independent 'network id', made the intelligent lock the safety factor of the quality.
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