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The boy is infatuated with the game and then asks

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-23
According to relevant information, a six-year-old boy locked himself in the room for more than three hours in order to play games. No matter how his father hit him, he couldn't come out. No way, his father had to invite the master to pull him out of the room. This Mr. Wu lives in Jiangxia District. His son is six years old. He just went to primary school. But his son is very keen on playing games. Whenever he has a chance, he will play in his study. He told reporters this morning that he developed a cold in his son, so he asked his son for a day off. After lunch, he took his son to take a nap. In the afternoon, he woke up and didn't see his son. He thought that his son might go to play games in the study again. He went directly to the door of the study and was going to hit the door of the celestial book room, but he pushed it and couldn't open it. Then he called his son, but his son didn't agree. He pasted his ears on the door to listen to the sounds of playing games in the study and his son's laughter from time to time. Because he had such experience before, Mr. Wu also put the key of the study in the drawer of the wardrobe in the bedroom, and he went to the bedroom to get the key, but he didn't find it. He went to the door of the study and called out to his son. I heard his son answer that the key is here, but it's not unlocked. Mr. Wu had to find the master to unlock the door. Later, after asking, I found out that his son took the key to his bedroom when he saw that he was asleep, and locked the door after entering the study.
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