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Fuyu Smart Lock: There was a 'smart lock' as early as 340 years ago...-Media reports

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-20
In the 17th century, England had no electronic circuits, no fingerprint recognition, only brass and steel. Do you think it is possible to make a smart lock? Time: Around 1680 Coordinates: There is such a smart lock dual protection system in the United Kingdom u0026 the combination of key and complex locks, carefully crafted by the British locksmith John Wilkes. Because there is a dial that can count the number of illegal unlocking, it is called 'Detector Lock'——reconnaissance lock duang~ duang~ duang~ is it ▼ 340 years old but still stunning Detector Lock▼ this man with pointer is the master of this lock, and the button on his leg will display a key When Kong cocked his hat, he can quickly lock it, and then turn it with the knob to quickly unlock it. Every time the number dial is unlocked, the dial pointed to by the +1 pointer indicates the number of times the lock has been opened, so that the owner can detect that the lock has been opened without permission based on the number. After the number of times reaches 100, it is amazing to press the button on the man’s jacket to reset it! The smart lock 340 years ago made the editor shout 'like, like, like'! Of course, the encryption and security of this lock is not as good as the real smart locks on the market, but the ingenious workmanship 340 years ago still makes us amazed. There are already many technologies on the door of the company, from digital password locks, to optical fingerprints, semiconductor fingerprint unlocking, to face recognition, vein recognition, and even iris recognition technology, etc. But no matter how the smart lock develops, the essence is the same. The most basic unlocking combination method for password locks is based on the physical key and protected by multiple keys. For Detector Lock, it is based on the physical key to unlock, plus other mechanisms. For modern smart locks, it is digital. Password, Bluetooth, swipe fingerprint, face, vein, iris... these are 'other organsAlready regarded as the stunner in the encryption lock, the inscription on the lock face of this smart lock says If I had ye gift of tongue / I would declare and do no wrong / Who ye are ye come by stealth / To impare my Master's wealth. If I can Talking / I will pronounce the verdict fairly / You come secretly / Covet my master's wealth. The centuries-old inscription shows the majesty and sacredness of the door lock between the lines. As the guardian of family and wealth, as the judge of thieves, door locks, especially smart doors Locks are indispensable to us. Finally, Fuyu will come to a wave of welfare to share with you~ The editor also collected several ancient lock-making encryption technologies. Let us kneel down under the wisdom of our predecessors! Kylin Ancient Locks Ancient locks not only have a variety of overall shapes, but the shape of the keyhole is also very rich. In addition to the ordinary circular and arc shapes, there are also the 'ji' shape, the 'shang' shape, and the 'gu' shape. The opening methods of these ancient locks are also exquisite. Some locks can be opened by pushing the key forward directly after inserting the key in, while others need to turn the key 90 degrees and then pushing forward to open. Some lock holes are hidden to improve the anti-theft ability and become concealed door locks. Some require two keys to pass through a certain sequence to open. Cupronickel three-ring combination lock The metal lock in my country first appeared in the Han Dynasty, and it was a reed structure lock. The Ming and Qing Dynasties were the heyday of ancient locks, mainly made of copper and iron. This cupronickel five-ring combination lock turntable password is composed of Chinese characters, but this lock has only three rings. Although there are four Chinese characters on each ring, the combined password is not enough and the security performance is not strong. Cupronickel four-ring combination lock The four-ring combination lock has a higher security than the three-ring combination lock. The ancient locks are so exquisite. While providing security with passwords, they also pay more attention to viewing. Cupronickel five-ring code lock This cupronickel five-ring code lock is more complicated. The Chinese character code lock is more complicated. Although the characters on the wheels of some code locks are the same, the password for unlocking is different, which also reflects the extraordinary wisdom of the ancients.
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