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Now the electronic lock is on fire! But who is in charge of security issues?

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-05
With the explosion of smart homes, products that originally seemed tall have gradually entered the homes of ordinary people, and electronic locks are one of them. When we live a life where we don’t have to worry about forgetting our keys when we go out, new problems will follow. Are electronic locks really safe? So what are the issues with electronic locks worthy of attention? It is worth thinking about! Speaking of electronic locks, has everyone emerged of a very reliable brand? I don’t think so! The current electronic locks are still in a stage where a hundred flowers bloom, and major brands have launched electronic locks. But there is no absolute leader in the industry. The password, data, and even the information of remote opening of the electronic lock are all in the hands of the corresponding brand manufacturer. What if the brand manufacturer purchased by the consumer abandons the electronic lock or the manufacturer goes bankrupt? So where does the user's data go? Does our electronic lock really protect the user's home? The answer is not so sure in my opinion! And such a problem is not only in the product of the electronic lock, but the security risk that the entire smart home is facing. For consumers, this is especially true. Today's electronic locks will talk about what kind of patented technology guarantees their products have, and how they can guarantee the safety of your home. However, this kind of question about security has caused many experts and consumers in the industry to ignore the real information security risks. The electronic lock application that only realizes the encryption of the data and thinks it is safe. For people with other purposes, there are various Way to attack. The question they consider is definitely not as simple as data encryption? Although the data is encrypted, they can still be attacked in various ways. At this time, the electronic lock seemed vulnerable. What is exposed is not only the appearance of your home but also the appearance of your life. This is what makes people feel uncomfortable. So at this time, someone might say: 'Can we establish an exclusive authority to supervise the electronic lock industry? With the supervision of an exclusive authority, aren't we afraid of information leakage and loss?' It sounds very reliable. Looks like, if there is really an exclusive authority to supervise, then are you willing to consider buying an electronic lock? I think that if there are no security risks, most consumers are still very willing to buy an electronic lock for their family. After all, who does not want a convenient and fast lifestyle, smart life is the general trend! For the safety of electronic locks, or for the entire smart home industry, there is a long way to go! As for the safety of electronic locks, who is in charge, what do you think?
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