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Pro test|The most suitable electronic smart lock for family use!

by:FUYU lock     2021-11-10
Recently I revisited 'My First Half of Life'. It was a smash hit when it was first broadcast. The group of female friends around me all day dreamed of having a handsome uncle and life mentor like He Han. The editor's gaze was deeply attracted by He Han's smart lock! Fingerprint recognition, opening the door in 1 second, is so cool and bursting! The appearance of the sense of science and technology does not match the image of He Han's career elite! Gradually, smart locks are also accepted by us and become an indispensable part of our lives! Smart locks appear more and more frequently in movies and TV dramas, and in real life, the use of smart locks is also becoming more and more common. Among them, old and new brands such as 360, Haier, Panasonic, Xiaomi, and Hammer have all joined and wanted to get a share. Today, Fuyu Xiaobian personally experienced the three popular smart lock brands on the market, to help you easily buy! Samsung SAMSUNG-a veteran nobleman, a powerful weapon If you want to rank according to seniority, Samsung can definitely be called the veteran nobleman in the smart lock industry, and as one of the first smart lock brands to enter the Chinese market. Of course, what attracts everyone the most is not how secure the lock is, but how attractive it is! It was the fingerprint lock that appeared in the high-end apartment of the hero and heroine in the popular Korean drama 'You from the Star' in the past few years. The editor tried Samsung SHP-DP728. The shell of the lock is made of a plastic material with strong plasticity. At first glance, the texture is very good. I was a little disappointed when I knew that the shell was plastic. Because the plastic material is not resistant to wear, I want to maintain such a beautiful appearance. , You still have to use it carefully. Because it is a foreign lock, Samsung does not match the specifications of the domestic door very well. When installing, you need to open the door to a larger area, which may make it impossible to install other locks, and because of the use of Samsung SHP-DP728 It is a small electronic lock body commonly used in foreign wooden doors, and many anti-theft doors in China cannot be installed. The most embarrassing thing is that the installer said that the Samsung lock does not support the world hook, and the world lock of the original anti-theft door cannot be used after installation. This is a bit inhumane and does not fit the domestic characteristics. Of course, it is still very convenient to use after installation, fingerprint recognition is also very fast, and the beauty is the biggest highlight, but the supporting IC card is recommended not to be used, you know it is more dangerous. In general, I feel that Samsung's locks are convenient and perform well, but their safety performance is not very high, so they are more suitable for indoor door use. Fuyu JOYSHARE-the king of intelligence, the choice of home furnishings. When it comes to Fuyu, it can be said to be a decades-old brand. Not only does it have its own electronic smart lock physical store offline, Fuyu Smart Lock has been working hard for more than 30 years. Innovation, continuous pursuit to make the ultimate product and efficiency, from the perspective of manufacturing to save the user's cost and improve the efficiency of production. In order to improve production efficiency, ensure the scale and quality of products. Since 2005, Fuyu Hardware has introduced a full-automatic die-casting production line, a full-automatic polishing line, a fully-automatic electroplating line, an electrophoresis line, a spraying line, a vacuum coating line and other diversified surface treatment processes and various forms of assembly lines. These modern assembly lines and equipment are the cornerstone of Fuyu's excellent and precise product quality. Fuyu has also established a comprehensive product testing laboratory, which has a complete set of spectrum tester, salt spray tester, coating thickness tester, UV tester, constant temperature and humidity tester, color difference tester, tensile strength tester, life cycle tester, etc. Intelligent hardware testing equipment ensures full control of product quality. Before leaving the factory, each lock of Fuyu has to undergo more than 100,000 failure-free tests, door-close and door-open tests, and strict anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation and chromatic aberration tests. I chose Fuyu Six Eyes Tianshun Smart Cloud Lock ZXWM00106 for trial. The packaging is very simple, the internal lock weighs more than 20 kilograms, and it gives a heavy sense of fullness when you get started. The sales service is very good, and the editor especially chose the installation service provided by the manufacturer. After the appointment, the master arrived soon. Since most of the accessories are customized by the manufacturer, the adaptability is quite high, so the installation process is relatively smooth. In terms of appearance, Fuyu's design is very simple and generous, much lower-key than Samsung. In terms of use, ZXWM00106 has an automatic anti-lock function, adapts to the world hook, and fingerprint recognition is fast, safe and convenient. In addition, ZXWM00106 is also equipped with a Bluetooth key, which is a good setting. First, it is more secure than magnetic cards, and secondly, it is very suitable for families with elderly and children, and can avoid the trouble caused by unclear fingerprints. After using it for a period of time, the editor is still very satisfied, so I bought one for my own home, and it can be used with smart cat eye to monitor remotely. It has to be said that while the performance spikes similar products, the price-performance ratio of Fuyu electronic smart lock is also quite high. The price of ZXWM00106 is less than 3k. Of course, this is also related to its positioning in the mid-to-high-end market.
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