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The police station records the unlocking verification

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-23
In order to better serve the general public, maintain public order and prevent crimes, the 'unlock verification registration system' is stipulated. First, in order to maintain social stability, the center strictly follows the unlocking registration procedures; second, when users need to unlock, they must show their valid ID card, property right certificate, house rental agreement, or the joint certificate of the Public Security Bureau, the property management unit of neighborhood neighborhood committee. Three room rental should show rental agreement and my ID card, both of which are indispensable. If the rental agreement (or ID card) is locked in the house, it must be signed by the neighbor before opening. (4) when the motorcycle driver cannot open or loses the key due to the key, the driver shall show his driving license and driving license (ID card); 5. When the public security organ, legal enterprise or institution entrusts him to make an appointment to go out to assist in unlocking, the court shall show the letter of authorization for unlocking; at the same time, the driver shall be accompanied by the relevant staff to open. 6. When the rental company makes an appointment for going out to assist in unlocking, the rental company and the owner shall be accompanied to the scene for opening; 7. In case of sudden rupture of the water pipe or leakage of gas in the residential building, which affects the public safety of the residents, the police or the witness of the neighbors shall be allowed to open; 8 When a unit opens the safe, it can only be opened with the approval of the leader of the unit, and keep the password for the customer; 9. If the location of unlocking is inconsistent with the address indicated in the certificate, the neighbor must sign on the corresponding column; 10. If the above procedures are not met, please do not open the safe. 'Ten do not open system' identity documents are not complete or have false suspicion, do not open. If the ownership of the house property cannot be confirmed, it shall not be opened. Units in holidays are generally not allowed to open. The safe without the signature of the person in charge of the unit and the official seal shall not be opened. Where a dispute arises and the judicial procedure has not been confirmed by a legal document, it shall not be opened. If a compulsory measure is taken by a state organ, it shall not be opened. All vehicles of unknown origin will not be opened. The mentally ill patient who is in a state of delirium after drinking and is in the process of attack, and the dementia patient who requests to open the lock, will not open it. Folders and password boxes of unknown origin will not be opened. If a criminal fraudulently or violently threatens to unlock the lock, the lock shall not be opened under the condition that his wit ensures his own safety.
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