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by:FUYU lock     2021-02-06
Ningbo yesterday a huang boss answered a high-end real estate, is drawing to a close, need a batch of high-grade lock, friends introduced a few, are not very satisfied, then find us, see sample after, very satisfied, to huang Lao includes is ex-factory price, the price is appropriate, for engineering use lock, looking for a manufacturer, directly take goods, there is no doubt that it is very convenient, because the manufacturer has more room door lock design, can choose at will, and the price is reasonable.     High-grade lock manufacturers, it is difficult to measure directly, but we can look for the brand, brand room door lock manufacturers, product quality is guaranteed. Fu yu hardware, lock brand manufacturers, now has hundreds of different style of room door lock, European, American, Chinese, Japanese, you name it. Besides the door quality, also provide one-on-one special after-sale service, after the customer sign the contract, there will be the exclusive customer follow-up services, from warehouse to deliver goods, to late after-sales problems can solve in time.     High-grade lock manufacturers, to the requirement of lock quality is very high, rich yu hardware production lock the Z3 wear resistant composite material, can be up to 10 years, life quality, worth customer trust, consulting service free access to lock the national unified price, more additional services to private and free proofing services.
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