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The door of hand wholesale - lock Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-12-30
Door of hand lock wholesale, the house of hand lock is often installed in all kinds of wooden door, wooden door is a kind of form a complete set of hardware, the locking the door holding hands with good quality to use cycle can reach 10 years or so, very durable. Like clothbound room engineering need to hold hand to lock the door of the quantity is large, one-time tens of thousands of is very normal, is looking for door lock manufacturers, manufacturers from source purchase, wholesale prices can go, the more quantity, the price is economical, reduce the purchasing cost.     Door of hand lock wholesale, and selection of hand lock manufacturer is inseparable, door lock manufacturers can be roughly divided into two groups, brand manufacturers and small workshops. Small workshops on the price war, rely on low prices to attract customers, as for the quality and the service cannot be effectively protected. Brand manufacturer is reversed, have a certain scale, has its own production workshop, processing equipment, enterprise operation, according to the standard process production, don't worry about quality, and in view of the customer cooperation, will also have professional after-sales service, all aspects considered.     Fu yu hardware specialized in door of hand lock wholesale, is a manufacturer, has its own factory and production lines, monthly production of hand lock 600000, in the industry has gone through a 21 years, experienced, and long-term for dream day wood door, beautiful heart wood, xin di wood supply. Strength of the brand, guaranteed.
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