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The smart door lock is chosen well, and the thief is unemployed sooner or later

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-13
To tell you the truth, I have a friend who rented a house on July this year. On the first day of moving in, he broke the key in the door lock and couldn't find a professional unlocking master, later, the nearby wild road mechanic took the electric drill and drilled for two and a half hours to open the lock. This time, he not only spent money, but also seemed to have suffered a great blow to his self-esteem. So if it is an electronic lock, there is no such embarrassment? ' Yes, with my friend's IQ and strength, it is estimated that the traditional door lock can no longer satisfy him. As a good pursuit of life (Large size) Young man, his heart has already quietly planted the grass of the smart door lock. At a weekend party, his face was pantaohua whispered in my ear: How to choose the smart door lock? ' Since you have sincerely asked questions, we will show mercy to you! What is a smart door lock? The intelligent door lock must also have all the functions of the traditional mechanical lock, but it combines the Internet of Things and biometric technology, so it is much more powerful than the traditional door lock in terms of convenience, ease of use, system management and remote monitoring, it is a more advanced composite lock. At present, there are mainly five unlocking methods for smart door locks, namely, password unlocking, fingerprint unlocking, mobile phone App unlocking, door card unlocking and traditional key unlocking. Most products have multiple unlocking methods at the same time, therefore, the biggest advantage of the intelligent door lock is that it can be unlocked without relying on the key, which is very convenient to use. The typical smart door lock also adds mobile phone interconnection (Internet of Things) Function, you can remotely monitor the status of the security door through the mobile phone, send a notification and alarm when it is abnormally unlocked, manage the family's unlocking rights, and obtain the family's home and home status, more intelligent than traditional door locks. However, while obtaining a more intelligent use experience, it will also cost much more budget than traditional mechanical locks. The price of the entry-level intelligent door locks on the market is basically above 1,000 yuan, while the price of some well-known big brand products is above 2,000 yuan, which can be said to be very high. Finally, some readers may have doubts about the power supply of the smart lock. In fact, the smart door lock generally uses 4 to 8 AA batteries for power supply, and the endurance can reach 1 to 2 years, some products will notify users when the power is low. If there is a problem that the electricity does not work, then we can use the spare mechanical key to unlock, or use an external power supply ( Some products are equipped with Micro USB ports, which can be temporarily powered by mobile power; Another part of the product can be temporarily powered by 9V battery)Power the door lock. Is the intelligent door lock safer? Can spending more of this money be exchanged for equivalent security? The answer is that intelligent door locks are not necessarily safer than traditional mechanical locks. Due to the domestic requirement that the mechanical lock hole must be reserved for the intelligent door lock, its core is still a traditional mechanical lock, but some products will cover the lock hole with a cover plate, while others will be set below the door lock, although it is relatively hidden, but the thief will not be stupid enough to find the keyhole position. Since you can unlock with a traditional key, it is no different for thieves. Reasonable words, intelligent door lock and traditional door lock, in fact, there is no essential difference in safety. However, there are exceptions to everything. Among the smart door lock products sold abroad, there are those that do not have keyholes, such as GATEMAN in South Korea. However, the stability of the electronic lock cannot be compared with that of the mechanical lock after all. Whether the intelligent lock without keyhole can be used safely or not depends on opinions. In general, the core of the intelligent door lock lies in intelligence. It does not fundamentally change the safety of the door lock. It can be said that all of them are against gentlemen and not villains. However, since most intelligent locks are added to the alarm system, users can know the occurrence of illegal invasion in the first place through their mobile phones, and cooperate with intelligent security equipment such as intelligent cameras to effectively improve safety, therefore, it cannot be said that the intelligent door lock is useless. Is it necessary to buy a smart door lock? Since the smart door lock is not much safer than the traditional door lock, is it necessary to buy it? This problem has to start with different use requirements. You can combine the following questions to judge whether you need a smart door lock: 1. Do you or your family often forget to carry or lose the key? 2. Has your pet/child accidentally opened the door of your home, and the frequency of doing things is quite high? 3. Will the nanny/housekeeping aunt be hired at home, and these employees will change frequently, so they have to change the lock frequently? 4. Do you need to know the family's access frequently? 5. Are you worried about the security near your home? 6. Do you often worry about whether the door of your home is locked and the degree of neurasthenia? 7. Is there enough budget, time and patience to try new products? In addition to 7th a problem the above of 6 a problem as long as have the 1 A in you on the and also exact to affect you of life quality, then I suggest that you can seriously consider buying a smart door lock. If only security factors are considered, there are actually more cheaper and more affordable options to choose from.
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