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The smart peephole of the smart electronic lock has a shorter battery life than the smart lock? -Media reports

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-22
For lock' target='_blank'>smart locks, perhaps smart cat eyes are the best partner. However, some people have a question. Most smart locks on the market can change the battery more than once a year. Why does the smart cat eye need to change the battery every few months or even weeks? Next, Fuyu will take you to an in-depth analysis! Smart cat’s eyes change battery/charge more frequently. First, when the smart lock is in standby mode, only fingerprints, digital panels and other components need to consume power. The standby power consumption of these components can be very low. There are two types: fully automatic driving bolt and semi-automatic driving clutch. The fully automatic smart lock that drives the bolt only consumes power when it is working. Although the power consumption is high, the working time is short, and it does not need to consume power for the heaven and earth hooks. The motor of the semi-automatic smart lock only needs to control the clutch, and the rest of the actions are done by human hands. The driving of the heaven and earth hook is also driven by the force of the door opener, so the overall power consumption is low. Smart lock networking is mostly connected to the Internet through a specific gateway. This gateway is equivalent to a dedicated router. The protocols connected to the smart lock are mostly low-power, slow-speed connection methods such as ZigBee and Bluetooth. It is said that not only the bandwidth is sufficient, but also the low power consumption requirements of smart locks can be met. The smart cat’s eye can recognize people, but the power consumption of the smart cat’s eye is very different from that of the smart lock. The standby power consumption is mainly the infrared camera and its corresponding circuit. Displayed on the screen. Now the camera is not only satisfied with 'shootingTo give a simple example: The most power-hungry application on mobile phones today is no longer games, but photo and video applications that use image information processors. In order to ensure safety, the smart cateye wakes up the camera and shoots more frequently than the smart lock uses fingerprints, so the smart cateye has a considerable standby power consumption in normal times. The functions required by the smart cat’s eye have requirements for network speed. In addition, the smart cat’s eye must also meet the requirements of 'remote monitoring probes'. Sometimes it is necessary to transmit the captured dynamic pictures to the mobile phone in real time, which has a high transmission network speed. Therefore, the smart cateyes on the market use WiFi direct connection to access the Internet, so as to achieve a relatively high network speed requirement, but the corresponding standby power consumption of the network will also increase. Therefore, the smart peephole consumes more power than the smart lock, whether it is working or standby, which is why the frequency of the smart peephole replacement battery is much higher than that of the smart lock.
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