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Driving Honda vanguard car lock

by:FUYU     2020-03-04
Yesterday evening, a customer called Hainan unlock for help. My Honda Fengfan car was locked with a key. Please send someone from Hainan unlock company to unlock. The address is Shuangshu village, Shuangqiao East Road. The operator of the lock company talked with the customer about the cost of the lock. The customer agreed to the cost of the lock. Hainan lock: do you have your driving license and owner's ID card? Client: when all your employees come, you can let them register one by one. About half an hour later, the company's employees arrived at the destination, contacted the unlocking customer and went to the car to observe carefully. At last, they took out the tool air bag, put in an air bag on the side of the door, then put in an air bag from the top of the door and filled the air bag. Then they stretched out a seam on the door, and then put in the 8 lead wire. They aimed at the small bolt on the inside of the door and pulled back to hear the alarm The device rang and the door opened. At the same time, there was a cheering voice. The owner said that you were too great and solved the problem for me in time. The car owner takes out the ID card and asks the locksmith to register one by one.
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