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How to select high security of indoor door lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-08-29
With the progress of social development, the security has received the widespread attention, especially the safety of the indoor, indoor door lock is one of the important measures to ensure the safety of the room, the door is now developed more and more intelligent, security. How to choose safe indoor door locks, indoor door lock should be how to choose? Together with the indoor door lock manufacturers of professional staff to look at it in detail.     Safe indoor door lock selection elements: & emsp;   1, when purchasing an indoor door lock, look at the production factory, is a quality assured brand locks.     2, when choosing indoor door lock need to pay attention to the direction of the door in the home, or buy the, may be to run a trip.     3, before buy a lock with a tape measure the width of the door frame, including ball lock and hold hand lock cannot be installed on the door to the width of less than 90 cm.     Read the instructions carefully before 4, installation, pulled down the side that has insurance, installed on the frame, with keys that don't hurt.     5, if indoor door lock with a period of time found that the lock is not flexible, take care not to pour the oil into it, can pour into pencil inside the keyhole grey, because the oil easily stained with dust, a long time will form the dirt, affect the service life of the door.     6, remember not to use a wet towel, or an object with a water wipe the surface of lock body, so easy to rust the lock body, affect the use.     That is about how to choose safe indoor door related issues, if any other questions, you can visit our website: http://www. zide360. com
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