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LockState Announces Cooperation with Ayla to launch internet of things smart door lock and socket

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-15
On December 21, 2015, LockState, a leading manufacturer of smart door locks, announced that it would officially cooperate with Ayla Networks, the world's leading B2B PaaS platform for the internet of things, to launch RemoteLock (Remote Door Lock)And RemotePlug (Remote control socket)Product series. The RemoteLock 5i launched for the residential market will be the second generation of Internet of Things smart door locks launched by LockState for the residential market. LockState will display a series of intelligent products such as RemoteLock 6i, RemoteLock 5i and RemotePlug at Booth Ayla71153 and LockState 71157 during the 2016CES in Las Vegas from January 6-9. Ayla CEO and co-founder David ·Friedman (David Friedman) Said: We have worked closely with LockState for a year and a half to provide cloud technology connectivity for LockState's full range of products. LockState sees the opportunity to connect its security products to the cloud and is now launching its second generation of internet of things products. LockState understands the potential of IoT transformation, so they are willing to work with Ayla to simplify their networking path. ' Nolan Mondrow, chief executive officer and founder of LockState, said: In our view, if a company does not have an Internet of Things strategy now, then the company is likely to disappear. At LockState, we believe that the internet of things can integrate various technologies--Door lock chip firmware ,'Lock/unlock' Instructions and user codes, as well as smart phones and web applications that control door locks. Mastering all these technologies is an almost impossible task for us, so we chose Ayla to professionally manage the Internet of Things and cloud connections. As a result, we can focus on creating quality products and customer experiences, because we believe that Ayla can ensure the safety and reliability of our door lock instructions and data transmission. ' The products demonstrated at CES 2016 include LockState's commercial WiFi door lock RemoteLock 6i and the upgraded RemoteLock 5i of consumer WiFi door locks. These new door locks contain many new features and improvements. Because it is direct WiFi (No gateway required) Therefore, these door locks are still controlled by the simplest and most convenient way for consumers to connect to WiFi routers. RemoteLock5i will realize mass production in the first quarter of 2016. For the office/temporary/rental market, LockState's RemoteLock 6i commercial-grade intelligent door lock solution provides ideal solutions for rental owners and enterprises, let them manage the door through smart phones and computers. LockState announced on November that its new RemoteLock will take the lead in meeting the public at the Airbnb Open conference in Paris, France. In addition, LockState's WiFi RemotePlug and LockState Connect systems will also appear at 2016CES. LockState Connect system enables consumers to Connect WiFi devices such as thermostats and door locks to existing Wi-Fi router. As a result, consumers can control their household devices through computers or smart phones wherever they are. Mondrow added: LockState is the first company to build and sell WiFi smart door locks controlled by the Internet. LockState's first-generation door lock is a major technological breakthrough that solves the major problems faced by thousands of users. In the process of launching the next generation of Internet of Things door lock, LockState had in-depth communication with customers and improved all aspects of the door lock according to customers' feedback, these include longer battery life, better durability, better smartphone applications, better integration with other Internet of Things devices, simpler configuration process, etc. ' Ayla's Internet of Things platform provides a comprehensive connection of devices, clouds and mobile applications for various products. Ayla enables manufacturers to launch secure and reliable networking products in the shortest time, at the lowest cost and with the lowest effort, and to gain real-world insights based on the data generated by these networking devices, to improve their business in all aspects. The benefits of intelligent door lock to realize Internet of Things connection include being able to set a schedule for employees or repairmen, and being able to monitor the usage codes of children or employees coming home from school, can remotely create and delete permanent and temporary codes, can view access history, can receive reminders when using the door, can access LockState's Connect Portal and manage other networked LockState products. About LockStateLockState, founded in 2004 and headquartered in Colorado, is committed to providing networked access control and security products for homes and businesses. LockState's RemoteLock products and platforms apply the power of the Internet and remote control to door locks and physical access control systems, so that families and business owners can centrally and remotely manage property access wherever they are. About Ayla NetworksAyla Networks Ella IoT was established in 2010, headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, USA, and is the world's leading IoT cloud platform (B2B PaaS-SaaS) Service providers, whose Internet of Things solutions are currently mainly used in smart home appliances, lighting, heating, smart hotels and other fields, with business service outlets covering Europe, Taiwan, Japan and other regions around the world. China branch is located in Shenzhen'. Ayla has now received Round B Financing Of US $14. 5 million from World Bank's I FC, Cisco, Saifu Asia fund, linear capital and other venture capital institutions. Ayla was named 2015 Coolest supplier in Internet of Things by Gartner in 2015'.
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