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Looks almost smart door locks, why not choose a few hundred dollars?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-18
Many customers would ask manufacturer so much achievement: your smart locks and other people look the same, but why to sell more expensive than other people? Really, it seems almost two smart locks, but there is a huge difference in essence, such as singing, moral character, safety, technology content and so on, the two basic means less than par. Due to the high intelligent lock manufacturer in order to make good price war, only in such aspects as material, craft, character compression capital, to get a certain profit. To is in my opinion, the two look almost smart locks, best choice brand awareness is high, the price is a bit expensive that a more assured. 吗? To is such, is because the manufacturer in order to depress capital, profit by price competition on the original materials selection in a is far below the national and related industry standards, intelligent lock is made on the stability must be discounted. But good and expensive to intelligent lock is more expensive, first in the selection of materials from lock to lock body, from motor to the fingerprint module, from hand to every screw and every spring, all selected first-class supplier. Is, from the original materials selection, capital is low, the high intelligence lock up a lot. To is that good intelligent lock product is more expensive, but the use of the relative is real. 吗? My smart locks are expensive, but relatively fine singing live cheap hotel knows that a hotel intelligent lock not only often can't open it, and put his hand in hand, the moment some cut hand or uncomfortable feeling, and even some rusting or serious fade. Is singing good civil intelligent lock strange also take so much. Why so much? Important is on the art of singing is not caused by a heart. High prices, the intelligence of low-quality locks in order to catch time limit or lower capital, electroplating, polishing are so hurry, more serious is that failed to pass the quality inspection into the market. And we know that the German products sold his did well, dear, that is because somebody else has been done in the spirit of craftsman. To sell your good smart locks are all course, whether in polishing, electroplating, so or other craft as long as there is a little small flaws to rework, and indirect waste. To is that good, your smart locks, not only look more comfortable from the senses, and feel, and experience with dynamite. Is, buy smart lock means not covet is cheap. 吗? My smart locks are expensive, but relatively safe in the post bar, BBS, there are many Internet users are asking: false fingerprints can close intelligent lock? Touch screen left combination according to mark, criminals can crack? These achievements into two to look at. First to see the false fingerprint lock. Such results as usual is present only in low, high prices, poor quality of intelligent lock, because in order to reduce their capital, can only choose the fingerprint with low capital head, head and even some fingerprint to dozens of yuan, false fingerprint is easy to be closed. But as usual high-end smart locks adopt Swedish FPC and other high-end fingerprint head, not only high identification rate, and is living to identify the function, that is to say, false fingerprints basic lock. Let's take a look at the code is copied, it did exist in many high intelligent lock. This is because most of the low-end, low-quality intelligent lock USES is indirect output in the form of combination, not pass by any encryption, is easy to be copied. Your good, and the intelligent lock USES is the virtual combination way, also said as long as when output combination in optional output digital accurately before and after the combination, as long as there is continuous accurate combination can open the door, even if be replicated, criminals are difficult to determine accurately what is combination. To is that the two look smart locks, almost on the safety of difference is very big. 吗? My smart locks are expensive, but relatively good after-sale work no matter which one industry, which are an enterprise product will be perfect. With is, product grades and not horror, horror is not in a timely manner to solve customer. Many users to keen on gaining petty advantages from a treasure bought several hundred yuan on smart locks, in less than two months out of the performance, to find the merchant harmonious moment start position is also quite good, but later position has been worse and worse, in the end the indirect contact not here. Really, so much achievements not only have online, offline many high intelligent lock brand new rendering. Agent not only, and still find all kinds of excuse obligation, moreover also to 'inappropriate' users use to prevaricate. The end to find manufacturers, manufacturers are always looking for all kinds of reasons to avoid commitment. Why so much? Important is the high price product already didn't how much profit, which is also willing to spend money to provide users with good management experience. But sell expensive, relatively assured on handle affairs, not only dare to face the product rendering performance, and ensure the product rendering results give a reply within 24 hours and solutions. Is, to sell your is reasonable, handle affairs to users is the enjoyment of stars. Conclusion: a penny a points goods, 'like smart locks, difference is very big, actually. If choice the high price in order to save money, it is the choice of endless troubles, but the price a little higher than guaranteed on moral character, strange assured on eps. As is, it seems almost smart locks, must choose high brand awareness, is a bit expensive.
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