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Ningbo Fuyu Hardware is to be the 'Invisible Champion' Enterprise in the Fingerprint Lock Industry-Media Reports

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-29
Speaking of fingerprint lock industry, people can easily think of well-known brands in the market such as Yale fingerprint lock, Samsung fingerprint lock and Deschmann fingerprint lock. Then, in the fingerprint lock industry. There are also a group of companies in China: they do not focus on selling their products to mass end customers, they seldom advertise, they are far away from the prosperous focus on Ru0026D and production, they position their customers as fingerprint lock brand companies, and their products are of excellent quality. , Leading technology. It has a high market share in a certain segment and is even the king. The key is not to worry about customers. It has been operating stably for dozens or even hundreds of years and is a very healthy and successful company. They are not as familiar as the big companies, but with a thin veil, they are quite low-key in front of the public and the media. Today, let us take a closer look at the growth glory of such an enterprise. Located in Ningbo Beilun Daxie Industrial Development Zone, 'Ningbo Fuyu Hardware Co., Ltd.' is an 'invisible champion' enterprise in the hardware door lock industry. Although Ningbo is a second-tier city, its industry is quite developed and ranks among the best in the country. It also owns Beilun Port, the fourth largest deep-water port in the world. Beilun Port provides Ningbo enterprises with a natural business environment, and its business spreads all over the world. 1. Why is Fuyu Hardware invisible? Fuyu Hardware has been in business for more than 30 years. At the beginning of the business, it was a hardware accessories processing factory with a few people. Thanks to the natural advantages of Ningbo's geographical location, Fuyu started to be a foreign company at the beginning of its establishment. Provide door lock handles, bathroom hardware processing services. After more than ten years of development, Fuyu's surface treatment level of household hardware products has been at the international leading level. Fuyu's advanced hardware technology has also won long-term orders from internationally renowned brands such as ASSA ABLOY, YALE, ERA, FABu0026FIX, TOTO, American Standard, Kohler, and IKEA. Fuyu Hardware has been on the right track by providing supporting facilities for large companies and providing them with OEMs, and the company has basically achieved no worries about orders. In order to ensure the quality and safety of their products, these large companies have to choose to cooperate with Fuyu. 2. Why Fuyu Hardware became the 'Invisible Champion' in the hardware door lock industry. First of all, internationalization is the first step for Fuyu's success. Fuyu took the international route at the beginning of its establishment. The meaning of the brand is: in harmony with the wisdom of everyone in the world. A brand concept shared with everyone in the world. Secondly, Fuyu found that the hardware door lock industry is a low-frequency consumer product, and it takes many years for customers to replace it after buying it back, so the quality requirements are relatively high. As a manufacturing enterprise, Fuyu has always regarded quality as its life. Fuyu has always taken the German precision manufacturing level as an example to learn from German enterprise production management. Fuyu has introduced a world-class fully automated hardware process production line, including full-automatic die-casting production line, full-automatic polishing production line, full-automatic electroplating production line, electrophoresis production line, spraying production line, vacuum coating production line and other diversified surface treatment processes and various forms Assembly line. These precision instruments ensure the mass production and quality of the products. 3. Why doesn't Fuyu Hardware rush to promote the Fuyu fingerprint lock brand. In recent years, with the development of artificial intelligence and the concept of the smart home industry, fingerprint locks have become the most popular smart home entry product at the moment. Giants in the home appliance industry have entered the smart fingerprint lock industry one after another. There have been thousands of brands in the fingerprint lock industry in recent years. Many people say that 2018 is a year for brands in the fingerprint lock industry to win, but Fuyu Hardware and most fingerprint lock companies in the market have different practices. Instead, they continue to expand their factories and introduce more intelligent and fully automated equipment production lines. In the view of Fuyu founder Xiang Yinyu: Although the fingerprint lock market has slowly heated up and is getting better, it is currently in the preliminary stage of development. According to the 2017 China Smart Home Industry Development White Paper, it is pointed out that the current fingerprint lock The penetration rate is less than 3%, which means that most users still use traditional mechanical locks. The market for fingerprint locks is very large, and no brand can capture most of the market share. Therefore, the core task of Fuyu is to lay a solid foundation. Fuyu has invested more than 100 million yuan in equipment. There is a certain threshold to reach their factory scale. This is an important advantage. Fuyu has provided Yale with OEM processing services such as fingerprint locks since 2012. Yale is a century-old lock brand and also represents the most advanced fingerprint lock technology and level on the market. Fuyu hopes to share advanced manufacturing technology with fingerprint lock brands on the market, continuously improve the quality of the fingerprint lock industry, and reduce the price of fingerprint locks in the entire industry through fully automated production. Only in this way can it benefit the development of the entire industry. In fact, Fuyu began to develop the Fuyu smart lock brand in 2016. After more than two years of polishing, it was launched on the market in May 2018.
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