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The emergence of 'parking lock' stems from the scarcity of parking spaces

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-17
2010-06- 11 Browse: 222 comment: 0 Core tip: Huai'an daily, Huai'an news network, evening news to the community parking space locked properly? Is fixed parking space better or mobile parking space better . . . . . . A series of topics triggered by residential parking are fundamental to Huai'an daily, Huai'an news network, and evening news. Is it inappropriate to lock the parking space in the residential area? Is fixed parking space better or mobile parking space better . . . . . . The root cause of a series of topics caused by parking in the community is still the shortage of parking spaces. Under the situation that the situation is increasingly prominent, the key to solving the problem not only needs to optimize the parking space, but also needs to expand the parking space. During the interview with the municipal housing and construction bureau, the reporter learned that the parking problem in the community has attracted the attention of the municipal government. On February 8 this year, at the conference with the theme of 'building a harmonious community with satisfactory Property Management', Vice Mayor Liu youchao said that when talking about the difficulty of parking in the community, the main reasons for the difficulty of parking in the community are: the planning and construction standard of residential parking lot is low; The parking management of the community is not standardized, causing the non-Community vehicles to concentrate in the community; The underground resources of the community parking lot are not fully utilized; The development and utilization level of parking facilities in residential areas is low. Director Chen Hui of the property management department of the municipal housing and construction bureau believes that with the increase of private cars in recent years, Huai'an has entered the era of parking difficulties. Chen Hui said that the difficulty of parking in the community as a prominent problem has long attracted the attention of all walks of life, including the representatives of the Municipal People's Congress and the CPPCC members. The NPC deputies and CPPCC members have specifically raised the motion. According to reports, attention has been paid to all sectors of society. People from all walks of life have issued prescriptions on this issue. Chen Hui has summarized this: first, planning, put the community parking system in an important position in the overall planning and construction of the city; The second is to introduce policies to encourage social funds to invest in the construction of parking lots; The third is to expand in the community, including the establishment of physical parking spaces and the excavation of underground parking lots; The fourth is to integrate social resources. With regard to these suggestions and countermeasures, Chen Hui combined with the actual situation of Huai'an, believes that at present, the most effective way is to integrate social resources, for example, the units around the community and the road parking lots around the community can be opened to the residents of the community for use by the residents of the community. During the reporter's interview in Fuchun Garden, Pudong garden and Yixing celebrities, the property management of these three communities all thought that there were not many resources that could be integrated in the community. The three property management people all said, although theoretically, there are many schemes to make full use of the resources in the community, such as changing the green belt into a parking lot, building an underground garage, building an above-ground garage, etc. , but in fact these schemes are all flowers in the water and the moon in the mirror, there is no operability at all. For example, the change of greening requires the approval of the owners' meeting and the approval of the planning department. Among them, only the consensus reached by the owners' meeting is a difficult problem, and the construction of the above-ground and underground garages is even more difficult, if you don't say anything else, it will cost millions. In Chen Hui's view, although the integration of the surrounding resources of the community can be effective in a short period of time, it requires the cooperation of relevant departments. First of all, the surrounding units of the community must agree to open parking spaces to residents; In addition, the roads around the community are not allowed to park without the permission of the public security department. Therefore, the matching of the road parking lot needs the permission and cooperation of the public security department. Chen Hui said that the practice of integrating parking resources around the community is common in big cities and has experience to learn from. According to reports, at the meeting on February 8 this year, Vice Mayor Liu youchao instructed relevant departments in our city to learn from the successful experience of foreign cities and come up with specific plans to select four residential areas as pilot units, explore ways to solve the parking problem in the community. Integrate the surrounding resources of the community, that is, when the owner cannot find a parking space in the community, the car will be parked on the side of the road or in a unit closer to the community. In this regard, some car owners have expressed concern. Ms. Pan, a car citizen, believes that there are two problems that need to be solved: On the one hand, the safety of the vehicle, and on the other hand, whether the roadside operators will cooperate.
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